Our Foundation Trust Status and Membership

Our Foundation Trust Status and Membership

Annual Members' Meeting

The 2021 Alder Hey Annual Members' Meeting took place on Tuesday 16th November at 5.30pm. You can watch the 2021 AMM broadcast below:

A little about Alder Hey

Alder Hey became an NHS Foundation Trust in August 2008, giving us the freedom to make our own choices and develop innovative new services that directly benefit local children and families

We’re still a proud part of the NHS and subject to the same high standards and regulations as other hospitals. Foundation Trust status is only awarded to hospitals who have shown they demonstrate the highest clinical standards, quality leadership and a great record of patient responsiveness and safety.

Benefits of Foundation Trust status

  • Rather than being managed as an NHS Trust by central government, strategic decision-making can be made locally and quickly by a Board of Directors who are focused solely on Alder Hey.
  • Any surplus money at the end of each financial year can be invested in services, rather than being returned to government.
  • We are able to borrow money for development projects without the approval of the Treasury – Alder Hey in the Park is a great example of working locally with private funders on a significant project.
  • People like you can be more involved with the hospital by becoming a member

Becoming a member of Alder Hey

Alder Hey currently has over 13,000 members from across the regions we serve. Through our membership, we can gain a better understanding of the needs of our patients, parents and carers which will help us to improve what we do.

Anyone aged seven or over can be a member. Membership is completely free and gives you the opportunity to make a difference by helping us improve the services we provide to our patients. You can be as actively involved as you wish, from receiving our newsletters to attending our Annual Members’ Meeting or even standing for election to our Council of Governors.

Are you interested in joining thousands of others in becoming a member of Alder Hey? Sign up today, for free, using the form on this page.

Become a member

About You

More About You

By joining, members accept the right of the Foundation Trust to make any checks on individual members it considers necessary. They will only be made with the member's knowledge and any information will be used fairly, confidentially and responsibly. Members agree to act in the best interest of the Trust and its patients, to raise their concerns constructively and to act with mutual openness, tolerance and respect to all.
Thank you for taking time to register. Your details will be held on a confidential database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. NHS Foundation Trusts are required to publish a publicly available register of members.
If you do not want your name to appear on the public register please tick the box

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