Our Vision

Our Vision

Here at Alder Hey, our vision is to build a healthier future for children and young people, as one of the recognised world leaders in research and healthcare.

Our values of Excellence, Openness, Respect, Together and Innovation are as important now as they have ever been.

To that end, we have committed to the following overarching objectives:

Excellence in Quality

By 2020, we will be recognised for the outstanding quality of care we provide to our children and young people.

Our ambition is to demonstrate the best clinical outcomes for children when benchmarked nationally and internationally, coupled with a track record of excellence in both clinical safety and child and family experiences of our care. Clinical leadership will be central to our delivery and we will operate within a culture of openness, transparency and continual improvement as measured by our quality aims.

Patient Centred Services

By 2020, we will be recognised for the exceptional care we provide to our children, that is technologically enabled and matched by exceptional facilities.

Our Transformation Strategy aims to maximise the opportunities presented by the new Alder Hey and information technology investments in order to redesign patient journeys to ensure we get it ‘right first time’ at every step and radically improve patient flow. We will modernise support systems for front-line care and reduce bureaucracy while safely reducing running costs and delivering exceptional care to match the exceptional design of Alder Hey in the Park.

International Research, Innovation and Education

By 2020, we will be a world class, child-focused centre of research, innovation and education expertise to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

Our Research Strategy is ultimately designed to lead to improvements in the care for and health of children and has been constructed with the input of our key partners, including the University of Liverpool. Excelling in education and training is also critical to the organisation’s success and in the continued development of our reputation locally, nationally and internationally. Our ambition is to build on areas of expertise, along with developing our reputation and success while nurturing themes that have the potential for excellence. Given our new capabilities and resources in the field of innovation we now strive to develop an integrated approach across all three areas of activity.

Great Talented Teams

By 2020, we will have a fully engaged workforce that is actively driving quality improvement.

Our People Strategy sets out the need for strong human resources management at every level of the organisation. This will be supported by our approach to staff education and training, leadership development, staff welfare and wellbeing, employee engagement and effective performance management to ensure organisational delivery and success.

Growing our Services and Safeguarding Core Business

By 2020, we will have secured sustainable long term financial and service growth supported by a strong international business.

The Trust’s Clinical Business Strategy has identified a need to ensure that a balanced portfolio of services are developed, recognising the need to increase both revenue and reputation. This also reflects the priorities of local and national commissioners ensuring that our offerings are aligned with their objectives to ensure commissioner support and funding.

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