International Telehealth 2nd Opinion Service

International Telehealth 2nd Opinion Service

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Our aim is to provide healthcare globally to support our "Today’s Child… Tomorrows Healthier Adult" strategy.

Alder Hey has developed a premium quality Second Opinion Telehealth service. Our experts can offer peer-to-peer consultations to clinicians around the globe. Through bespoke integrated platform, we can speak directly to clinicians internationally and can facilitate a link to the patient’s family if they cannot be present in the clinician’s office. This is done by the downloading of a free app onto a mobile device.

We offer a high-speed interpreter service that is available for clinicians and patient that can be accessed at any time during the consultation with only a few minutes notice.

The platform allows for the transfer of electronic patient records and viewing of diagnostic imaging that will support clinicians to provide a diagnosis and ongoing healthcare and treatment with support from Alder Hey.

This reduces the need for expensive and often difficult international travel. The patient benefits from being treated in their home country with familiar surroundings and locally supported healthcare options.

For more information about the International 2nd Opinion Service please contact

This service is not available in the US and Canada. 

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