Dr Atrayee Ghatak

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Atrayee is a consultant in diabetes at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital  , and lead for the diabetes service. Alder Hey is one of the largest paediatric diabetes services in the UK. The team looks after nearly 500 children and young people with mainly Type 1 diabetes , also Type2 , MODY, Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes and other secondary diabetes.

Atrayee has more than 16 years’ experience as a Diabetes consultant and has led the Alder Hey service for 8 years. Under Atrayee’s leadership, Alder Hey has become one of the leading users of Diabetes related technology (insulin pumps, Continuous Glucose monitoring sensors, and hybrid closed loop systems). She has been PI for several national and international  research studies involving Diabetes technology (most recently CLOuD and DAN05 ). 

She is keen to  exchange knowledge and expertise with other teams around the world, with a  particular view to facilitating equality of access to modern diabetes management. 

Dr Mark Deakin

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