Sunflower House

Sunflower House

Our new Sunflower House is a fully equipped 12-bed inpatient mental health unit for children aged 5-13 with the most challenging mental health conditions.

With the support of our Charity we have been able to create a Unit that has been designed with our children and young people at its heart. Our new facility includes:

  • 12 patient bedrooms equipped with a range of innovative audio-visual equipment so our children can decorate the environment of their rooms to suit their needs. This equipment also allows children to talk to their families and play games with friends from home.
  • A family bedroom where parents can stay after dropping off their child after a long journey and which is also used for crucial family-centred therapies.
  • Safe and secure chill out zones providing essential relaxation for our children and young people. They can play games, watch TV, or even organise their own movie or games nights! These communal spaces allow our children and young people to feel some normality, develop their social skills, build friendships and simply have fun, during what can be a very stressful time. The Chillout Zone also includes comfortable sofas and chairs, tables, bespoke storage for games and toys, enhanced decoration and artwork, mood lighting, and built-in televisions.
  • Classrooms where specially trained teachers provide educational activities for children staying in the Unit and enable them to continue their education during their stay. We have one large classroom and one small classroom, designed and equipped to cope with a wide age range and set of skills and equipped to teach children together or separately as needed.
  • A daily living room featuring a small kitchen and dining area where patients can learn basic skills, such as making hot drinks, cooking and baking, with assistance and guidance of staff at all times.
  • Our family visit lounge which is used for family-centred counselling sessions. This space is also useful to the families of children who live far away and are staying at Sunflower House whilst visiting their child for treatment, giving them a shared communal space to use in the evenings, both with their child and with other families.
  • Therapy rooms for conversations, interviews and interaction with our children, young people and their families.
  • Our American-style Kitchen Diner where our children and young people can eat together and be given an opportunity to bond with family, peers and staff members.
  • Our courtyard garden giving our children and young people the opportunity to explore the therapeutic benefits of outside space.

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