Abigail gets a new face thanks to Alder Hey

Abigail gets a new face thanks to Alder Hey

Abigail gets a new face thanks to Alder Hey

11th Sep 2019

Abigail is years old and has Crouzons Syndrome, a condition that causes premature fusion of skull bones, resulting in malformation.

She was fitted with a RED (rigid exterior distraction) frame, the mechanics on the frame were turned twice daily in order to move the middle of the face forward to help with breathing and jaw position. Her surgeons on that day were Mr Ben Robertson, Mr Christian Duncan and Mr David Laraway.

Abigail had the fram on for a total of three months. Now, Shel has had her frame removed to reveal her new face.

She celebrated the moment with a ‘Happy Face Day’. Abigail will still need more surgery at Alder Hey, but nothing is going to stop her enjoying her new face.

According to her mum Victoria, Abigail is back to her ‘sassy cheeky self’ and the best part of having the frame off was being able to hug her brother and sister. She’s dancing around practicing her routines ready to go back to AKTA (Adam Kerr Theatre Arts) and has already asked to go back to school.

Abigail finished by saying; “always be brave, never give up and if you keep smiling everyone will smile with you.”

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