Alder Hey on BBC's Hospital

Alder Hey on BBC's Hospital

Alder Hey on BBC's Hospital

31st Jan 2019

As you will have no doubt already seen, Alder Hey has been on your tv screens recently in the BBC2 series ‘Hospital’.

Filming across six Trusts in Liverpool, the series illustrates many of the challenges and decisions facing the NHS and highlights the pressures that face all acute Trusts today.

If you watched the first episode, you may remember the journey of three year old Charlie who had a brain tumour. He was operated on by our incredible neurosurgery team who managed to remove the tumour and was flown to Germany for proton beam therapy.

Charlie is doing really well now and is back at Alder Hey for regular check-ups as well as speech and language therapy.

Cardiac Surgeons (11) resized.jpg
Cardiac surgeons Rafael (right), Attilio (middle) and Ramana (left) all feature on Thursday night.

The next episode is aired this Thursday 31st January at 9pm on BBC2. It exclusively follows Alder Hey’s cardiac and ICU teams as they work together to tackle the daily challenges and issues working in one of the country’s busiest departments.

The programme follows three Alder Hey children, two of whom are transferred for emergency cardiac surgery. The other is a 5 year old girl who is in Alder Hey for elective cardiac surgery.

During the episode, you will see some of the pressures our ICU and cardiac surgery team face as they are forced to postpone the elective surgery due to being at full capacity with other really sick children.  The teams also face added pressures as a major road traffic accident means a number of staff aren’t able to get into work on time on the day.

You will also see the amazing skill and dedication of those same staff who go above and beyond in helping to resolve the situation too.

Alder Hey’s neurology, neurosurgery, physio and oncology teams will also be featured on the sixth and final episode of Hospital to be aired on Thursday 14th February 2019 on BBC Two at 9pm.

If you use social media, we will be tweeting live throughout Thursday’s broadcast which is at 9pm on BBC Two via @AlderHey .

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