Alder Hey become one of first UK Trusts to recieve GDE accreditation

Alder Hey become one of first UK Trusts to recieve GDE accreditation

Alder Hey become one of first UK Trusts to recieve GDE accreditation

18th Jun 2021

Alder Hey recently became one of the first Trusts in the UK to receive GDE accreditation from NHSX as part of the Global Digital Exemplar programme.

Leaders from the NHS X and NHS EI team visited Alder Hey to witness some of our incredible digital and innovation developments.

The team visited our wards to see technology in action, which was also part of the Global Digital Exemplar certification ceremony, presented by colleagues from NHS Digital.

The Global Digital Exemplar programme was a three year digital programme that has seen a huge number of digital developments take place at Alder Hey. During the programme, Alder Hey were awarded HIMSS Level 6 status, which is an international standard for digital adoption within a hospital setting.

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Louise Shepherd, CEO Alder Hey said: “I’m thrilled at all the brilliant work that has gone on by the CCIO’s (Clinical Digital IT Officers) and digital team across the Trust, and I’m delighted that it has been recognised with this formal accreditation. I couldn’t be more proud.”

The implementation of video consultations through Attend Anywhere enabled Alder Hey to continue providing care for patients through the pandemic and has become part of the ‘new normal’ as our healthcare provision continues to improve through greater use of digital technology.

The Trust currently hold around 4,000 digital Outpatient appointments per month, which is the 2nd highest in Cheshire and Merseyside and 12th highest in the whole country. Alder Hey have been one of the first Trusts to trial Video Consultations in an emergency care setting and proved the concept successfully during a pilot towards the end of 2020.

The introduction of Telemedicine at Alder Hey and the ‘Robo Docs’ contributed massively to continuing to provide safe care through unprecedented times. Mobile, high spec cameras with the ability to live stream were deployed across inpatient wards at Alder Hey and to our close neighbours at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, enabling clinical staff to care for patients regardless of their location.

Kate Warriner, Chief Digital Information Officer at Alder Hey, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to receive the GDE accreditation today. The team have been excellent and it’s a fantastic achievement for Alder Hey.”

Dr Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer, NHSX: “I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve seen today, from the innovation work to implementing brilliant basics. The best way to describe it is ‘awesome.’ The stand out for me has been looking at the user centric digital transformations.”

Alder Hey has a world renowned Innovation Centre, that invents and co-creates with industry partners utilising emerging technologies to advance global child health.

The portfolio is extensive and includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), immersive technology and Health-tech. The team have helped deliver cutting edge technology to our clinical teams, such as augmented holo-portation in surgery, custom 3D printing and AI clinical intervention.

Everyone at Alder Hey is delighted to have received this formal accreditation from NHSX. We would like to thank everyone involved for their continued commitment and hard work in delivering Alder Hey's vision for a Digital Future.

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