Alder Hey stars shine at annual awards

Alder Hey stars shine at annual awards

Alder Hey stars shine at annual awards

12th Feb 2020

It was a night to remember for Alder Hey staff at the 2020 Alder Hey Star Awards.

Alder Hey staff were dressed to impress as Radio City presenter Steve Hothersall, along with Alder Hey Executives announced the winners. Below, you can find the full list of nominees and winners.

Delivery of Outstanding Care

Winners: The Asthma Team

Asthma Team Winners 2.JPG

Asthma is the commonest long term condition of childhood, and can cause considerable and long lasting difficulties for children and families.

Dealing with a huge cohort of patients this team have been able to refocus the way they provide treatment away from prescribing medicines and towards improving the ‘whole patient’.

They are committed to person-centred care, and through initiatives such as exercise classes, new technological solutions and healthy nutrition they aim to improve the self esteem of their patients as well as their health.

True pioneers and resolute champions, the Asthma Team deliver truly outstanding care.

Runners Up: 
  • Mark Austin - a dedicated mental health professional who uses his deep commitment to his patients to treat some of the most complex cases we see.
  • Kate Gildersleve - a junior physiotherapist who has been at the forefront of a new treatment for total hip replacement surgery.
  • The Sepsis Team - a cross department team of clinicians focussing on developing and delivering a comprehensive pathway of care for sepsis.

Best People Doing Their Best Work 

Winner: Ray Clarke 

Ray Clarke Winners 2.JPG

Mr Clarke is a longstanding Ear Nose and Throat consultant who has revolutionised the care and treatment of our patients during his incredible 31 years of service to Alder Hey.

Nominated by dozens of colleagues, Ray has grown the ENT service from a one man job into a robust team of seven consultants – all employed by Alder Hey, all with a range sub specialisms, three specialist nurses, two clinical fellows, and a large and busy outpatient team.

But even more important is his warmth, good humour and genuine compassion he brings to his patients and colleagues alike. 

Runners Up: 
  • The Children’s Epilepsy Nursing Team - a team who have kept their patients and families at the heart of what they do, providing outstanding care to children and young people across the region
  • Rose Davies - a committed nurse specialist who serves as the heart and soul of the orthopaediac team

Volunteer of the Year

Winners: The Alder Hey Volunteers

Volunteers Winners.JPG

It is no exaggeration to say that without our always-there-to-helpers Alder Hey we would not be able to deliver the outstanding care we are renowned for – our ‘pink shirts’ are truly what makes Alder Hey special!

What can you say about the Alder Hey volunteers? – the ‘pink t shirt brigade’ truly make Alder Hey the incredibly special place it is.

Whether it is greeting visitors, playing with patients, comforting families, or performing any one of the myriad tasks they are asked to do every day, they do it all with a smile and willingness that is nothing short of remarkable.

Their dedication to, and love for, Alder Hey is something to behold.

To do all of this as volunteers speaks to an almost superhuman sense of duty in each and every one.

Runners Up:  
  • Barry and Hollie - our very own superstar paw patrol, Barry and his dog Hollie bring pet therapy onto the wards, spreading happiness and joy with every step
  • Erinne Cooney-Tsigarides - giving her own time in service of the mental health team, Erinne brings warmth, dedication and an unwavering sense of joy to everything she does

Alder Hey Charity Award

Winner: Becky Evans

Becky Evans Winners 2.jpg

Associate Nurse Specialist, Becky, always goes above and beyond for the Charity, knowing that through her support she can make an incredible difference to everyone at Alder Hey.

By volunteering at a long list of events over the past years Becky has thrown herself heart and soul into furthering the Charity in their vital work…..most recently she attended the Wong’s ball with just a single day’s notice!

Becky is such an enthusiastic ambassador for Alder Hey and is a loyal friend to the Charity.

Runners up
  • Pippa Bradshaw - a play specialist always being willing to help with donor visits, supporting our patients and families to make thank you cards for donors and, this year, one of the stars of our Matalan campaign. A heart of gold and beloved by staff, patients and supporters alike.
  • Jo McVeigh - laboratory assistant who has become a committed supporter of the Charity in memory of her son Owen, Jo has taken on the Inca Trail Challenge, training hard over months and eventual raising an impressive £5500 of vital funds that support making Alder Hey an even better place for patients, families, staff and visitors.

Game Changing Research

Winners: The Multi Disciplinary Asthma Service Team

Asthma Team Alexandra McIrvine Nicki Murdock Winners 1.JPG

Who use comprehensive studies to develop new medicines for children and young people.

The MDAS  Team is dedicated to producing world leading research that improves the care for children and young people with asthma.

Consisting of a vibrant roster of experts – including consultants, pharmacist, nurses, physiologists, physiotherapists, nurses and psychologists – their laser focus is always on improving outcomes for both their patient and their families.

Completely unlike any other team in the UK, they use their MDT style to look at the complete picture of uncontrolled asthma, and they have been recognised at the international level for the quality of their research.

Runners Up:
  • Helen Hartley - a neuro-physiotherapist who has turned her long-standing clinical insights into a programme of studies on ataxia and brain tumours in children.
  • The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Research Nurses - a hard working team who, on top of a demanding clinical role, consistently deliver outstanding research projects furthering healthcare and treatment for children everywhere.   

Special Recognition

Winner: Emergency Department

ED Winners 3.JPG

For their hard work and team work throughout one of the most challenging winters we have experienced, the Emergency Department have truly lived each and every one of the Alder Hey values. 

Put under enormous pressure, they have responded with unwavering commitment to their patients, working in new and innovative ways to keep their patients safe.

They are true inspirations and more than worthy winners of the Special Recognition Award           

Game Changing Innovation

Winner: Laura Rimmer

Laura Rimmer Winners 2.JPG

A much valued physiotherapist who uses new ideas to help keep patients active whilst undergoing treatment, greatly improving their overall health and well-being.

Laura has been a Physiotherapist working in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit for many years. 

She is adored by her colleagues, patients and parents alike. But more than that, Laura plays a large role in team innovation and working towards creating the best future of care for patients.

After attending a conference in Glasgow on the topic, Laura quickly put measures in place at Alder Hey to start to change attitudes about mobility and activity for the most poorly children and young people in order to speed up recovery and rehabilitation.

Not only a technological innovation, Laura has fundamentally changed perceptions of patient care, helping to create the best possible hospital journey for each and every patient and family.

Runners Up: 
  • Miriam Moorcroft - responding to patient and family needs is at the core of this respiratory physiotherapists approach, offering flexible clinics and new ways of working to help improve patient outcomes.
  • The Innovation Team with Ian Sinha and Business Intelligence - committed individuals and teams across Alder Hey who have come together to develop new solutions to better track, and respond to, patient needs across the region
  • Christine Murray - by developing a new pathway of care for some of our most complex patients Chris has reduced waiting times, improved recovery and always kept the experience of the child or young person at the heart of her efforts
  • Hellie Patterson Brown and Joanne Downes - two Human Resources colleagues who have developed and delivered a pre-employment programme, identifying and training those struggling to get into work in our local community, providing skills, advice and experience

Growing Sustainably Through Great Partnerships

Winners: Jess Robinson and the Children and Young People’s Forum

CYP Forum Jess Robinson.jpg

A remarkable group of former and current patients who, led by Jessica, make sure the voices of children and young people are heard throughout Alder Hey.

At Alder Hey you pride yourselves on ‘putting children and young people first’ and, through the hard work and commitment shown by Jess, the Forum has made the voice of your most important people loud and clear.

The Forum currently consists of over 30 young people aged between 6 and 19, from across the city and fully represents the diversity of our community.

Jess has developed a vision and an identity for the Forum ensuring continuous development and inclusivity. 

She has done this by guiding and advising the group and ensuring they are involved in key projects, not just at Alder Hey but also making a recognisable difference to the way you treat and care for children and young people on a regional and even national scale.

Runners Up: 
  • Barry Pizer - longstanding consultant oncologist who uses his years of expertise to deliver cutting edge care both at Alder Hey and in Nepal.
  • Liverpool Neonatal Partnership - a ground breaking partnership between Alder Hey and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital developing new, seamless care for children and mothers

Living our Values

Winner: Donna Doyle

Donna Doyle Winners 2.JPG

Donna is quite simply an Alder Hey legend. 

For over 40 years she has been an ever reliable face at Alder Hey, bringing her unique sense of warmth and good humour to everything she does.

Never one to hog the spotlight, Donna would never say she was doing anything special….but we know that she is that and more.

Genuinely beloved by, well, everyone, she does so much even when she doesn’t know it.

Like the way she supports her colleagues in the Catering Team, providing a sympathetic ear and sound advice based on the type of experience you can only get when you truly live the Alder Hey Values.

Runners Up: 
  • The Finance Team - not content with their ‘day job’ this group of finance professionals have developed and delivered initiatives to improve the health and well-being of their colleagues and everyone else at Alder Hey
  • Stephen De Clouet - in the time Stephen has been at Alder Hey he has revolutionised the Catering service, bringing a level of consistent professionalism, a can do attitude and supportive demeanour to everything he does.
  • Rachel Greer - unflappable calmness married to laser sharp focus on patients and families is Rachel’s hallmark, her leadership of the Community and Mental Health Division is exemplary.

Strong Foundations

Winner: Kate Owens

Kate Owens Winners 2.JPG

A transformative leader who has energised and expanded the Occupational Therapy service at Alder Hey.

The number of nominations for Kate was simply overwhelming. She has had made a huge – and lasting – difference to the Occupational Therapy service and through them the children and young people you  care for.

Growing the team into a large and confident service, Kate has never lost her focus on improving outcomes for your patients and families.

Deeply respected by her team for her commitment to them, Kate is an impressive leader who has revolutionised the way Occupational Therapy is used, not just at Alder Hey but across Liverpool.  

Runners Up: 
  • Rosemary Turner and Derek Egan - a partnership between community physiotherapists and specialised IMT colleagues who have developed a new digital pathway for complex neuro-disability patients.
  • Tracey Oakes - the heart and soul of the Cardiac Team, Tracey consistently goes above and beyond for the team, their patients and families.
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