Alder Hey’s Superhero Scientists at Smithdown Road Festival

Alder Hey’s Superhero Scientists at Smithdown Road Festival

Alder Hey’s Superhero Scientists at Smithdown Road Festival

1st May 2019

Scientists from Alder Hey will be attending the Smithdown Road Festival to inspire kids about the superhero powers of their body.

A team from Alder Hey will be at the festival on Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May to showcase their ‘Superhero Team in your Body’ project where they will use games and craft to demonstrate how cells in your immune system are superheroes with superhero powers.

Hands one experiments at the festival will allow children and young people to put on a lab coat and highlight how scientists are able to answer important research questions within a laboratory.

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The activities will demonstrate how scientists isolate superhero immune cells from  blood, isolate DNA from Kiwi fruit and show how the body and scientists “crack the code” hidden in our DNA.

Dr Angela Midgley, Knowledge Exchange Scientist, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital said:

“It is really important that children and young people learn in a fun way about their amazing body and how important our immune system is and to create awareness about the amazing research work that goes on at Alder Hey and hopefully inspire the next generation of scientists too.”

The scientists attending the festivals are involved in research that focuses on the development and progression of autoimmune diseases in childhood such as Juvenile-onset Lupus and Juvenile arthritis.

The team are from the UK’s first and only ‘Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children’ (EATC4Children) based at Alder Hey partly funded by Alder Hey Children’s Charity, from the University of Liverpool and the British Society of Immunology to enable them to bring hands on, fun, science based activities out into the community.

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