ALDERPLAY is Back - Its Play Time!

ALDERPLAY is Back - Its Play Time!

ALDERPLAY is Back - Its Play Time!

28th Jun 2021

Alder Hey Innovation team are delighted to announce the return of ALDERPLAY - Alder Hey’s digital playground!

ALDERPLAY has been developed and designed for three key purposes; Familiarisation, Distraction and Reward to enhance the Alder Hey journey for children and young people.   

  • The platform includes 360 images of certain areas of the hospital, giving users the opportunity to explore the hospital setting before their visit to familiarise and reassure children, young people and their families and make their visit less stressful.
  • Videos of patients talking about their experience of having various procedures.

Explore Alder Hey screenshot.jpg

  • We recognised the power of distraction in improving a patient’s experience and compliance with procedures, ALDERPLAY includes games, videos and activities to achieve distraction through engagement.
  • The platform offers users the ability to play some Alder Hey games featuring the much loved Hardleeys characters – with jigsaws and pairs games available, each puzzle comes in three different difficulty levels to appeal to different ages and ability.
  • For the element of surprise there are also areas within the platform containing unlockable content for children and young people on site to find, scan and unlock.  This include a block of Hasbro content (such as My little Pony & Transformers) for patients to unlock and watch exclusively onsite.

Alder Play distraction screenshot.jpg

  • A simple sticker can go a long way in improving a child’s hospital visit.  With ALDERPLAY we have taking this to the next level by introducing digital stickers.  Staff are able to reward patients whenever they see fit, with unique scannable stickers.  The stickers use Augmented Reality, so that when they are scanned, the image on the sticker unlocks new content within ALDERPLAY.

Alder Play reward screenshot.jpg

What’s new?

ALDERPLAY is now a Digital Web Platform that can be accessed through a web link and no longer needs to be downloaded.

New features include:

  • Personalisation of ALDERPLAY with a variety of different skins designed to appeal to a wider age range.

Alder Play customisable skins screenshots.jpg

  • A watch and learn section showcasing some of the brilliant work that goes on at Alder Hey.
  • Easy access to ARTI the Alder Hey AI virtual assistant.
Check Out ALDERPLAY Now!
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