Amazing Abi training to be a nurse after beating cancer

Amazing Abi training to be a nurse after beating cancer

Amazing Abi training to be a nurse after beating cancer

19th Oct 2020

In 2013, when Abi was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. She underwent 4 rounds of Chemotherapy at Alder Hey, and then had a bone marrow transplant, donated by her brother Cairan, at Manchester Children’s hospital. She was given the all clear in 2013.

Tonight, she starts her first shift as a student nurse on the same ward that she was treated for leukaemia on, seven years ago.

Abi, now 23 years old, is an inspiration to us all as she is using her experience as a child to help those in the same position, by studying a Bachelor’s of Science Honours in Paediatric Nursing at Edge Hill University. Incredible!

Although her resilience and compassion are reasoning for such a fantastic achievement, Abi credits the Alder Hey staff that treated her for her decision to go into the ‘special’ career of nursing. She says; "Why would you not want to be a nurse after being treated by those guys at 3B?! I feel so much gratitude towards the way I was treated, I felt part of a family."


John Morgan, Senior Lecturer in Nurse Education and Abi's personal teacher at Edge Hill University said: "Nursing is one of the most honourable and rewarding career paths there is, to be able to care for others and comfort them in some of their most difficult moments. It's a testament to Abi's character that after overcoming her own health challenges as a patient at Alder Hey, she is now returning as a student nurse to help others in that situation.

"Having experiences such a major setback in her childhood and using this experience as a force for good to help other children in an inspiration. Abi always strives to achieve her best and we regularly receive positive feedback from the patients and families who she cares for. Now more than ever, the profession needs student nurses like Abi who demonstrate the deep care and compassion and can understand the patients' experience." 

Tonight she sets foot onto Alder Hey’s oncology ward, this time as a student nurse. We couldn’t be prouder of you Abi, we have no doubt that you will be a wonderful nurse!

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