Appointment letters to be sent via mobile

Appointment letters to be sent via mobile

Appointment letters to be sent via mobile

27th Jun 2022

From Wednesday 22nd June 2022, Alder Hey will send patient letters via a text message to your mobile.

We will send you a text message with a link, allowing you to view and download your letter on your mobile phone. The text message will look like the below example:

Text message image example.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: This new way of receiving appointment letters is not in place for all services. As such, you may still continue to receive physical appointment letters through the post for the timebeing. 

This new way of receiving an appointment letter will mean that patients will be able to view all their appointment details on their smartphone, tablet or computer, rather than receiving this via a physical letter. You will also have the option of viewing and interacting with all Alder Hey correspondence via a secure, online Patient Portal.

Parents of children and young people who have a mobile phone number registered with Alder Hey, will be sent their letter digitally from 22nd June 2022

However, if your digital letter is not accessed within 24 hours or no mobile number is held with the hospital, then a postal letter will be automatically sent.

The provider of our digital letters is Healthcare Communication


This new way of accessing your appointment letters will provide many benefits including:

  • Th ability to read your letters and correspondence with Alder Hey immediately, rather than waiting for it to be posted. There is also an option to register with Patient Portal, which allows you to access all your communications with Alder Hey in one place. 
  • Allowing access to your appointment information anytime and anywhere by smartphone, tablet and desktop. Details can be emailed and printed off too.
  • Appointments can be added directly into a digital calendar, to reduce the risk of forgetting appointments and help keep treatment on track.
  • Help working out travel plans, with a live home to hospital Google map, providing real time travel routes and times.
  • Adding speech, reading and translation options to digital text. Your letter content can be read aloud in multiple languages, too.
  • It will help save the NHS money and reduce administration times.

The system is safe and secure and can only be accessed with the PIN and the patients’ date of birth. As well as the appointment date and time, letters may also include any pre-assessment instructions, essential reading and hospital information as attachments. Watch the below video for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I don’t receive, or respond, to the message sent to my phone?

If you don’t access your letter within 24 hours of receiving the text message, the system will automatically generate a physical letter to be sent to you in the post. You’ll also automatically receive a letter after three unsuccessful login attempts to the portal. If you need help with any technical issues on the portal, please call 0845 9000 890 or email

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

You will still receive a text message but won’t be able to access the portal link. Don’t worry though, a hard copy of the letter will automatically be sent to your home address.

How do I opt in to receive digital letters?

If we have your up-to-date mobile phone number, you don’t need to do anything, you’ll be automatically opted in to receiving digital appointment letters. If your details have changed, please call the number on your letter with your full name, date-of-birth and postcode or your NHS number if you know it so we can update your records.

If I delete the text by mistake after I have opened it up, how will I remember my appointment date?

There is an option to add the appointment to your phone calendar when you open the digital letter. You can also register for the patient portal, to view all your previous letters in one place – just click "register" at the top right hand corner once you’ve opened the letter. We will also continue to send you appointment reminder text messages ahead of your appointment. 

Can I opt out of digital letters?

You can opt out of receiving the digital letters by messaging STOP to text message reminders. However, you are unable to opt out of receiving paper copies to your registered address.  

How can I convert my digital letter to multiple languages or change the size of the text?

You can view accessibility functionality in the top right-hand corner of the page. Features include; translating your appointment letter to a chosen language, creating an MP3 file, text highlighting tool, and text magnifier to allow increased text size.

If someone has my phone can they access my letter?

The system is secure – you need to put your date of birth and the pin from the text message in to be able to access your appointment letter.

How secure is the portal? 

A unique weblink is generated for each portal invitation, that is secure and encrypted. Once accessed, the link will redirect you to the portal, where the encrypted identifier is decrypted and used to obtain the fields which are to be displayed for verification. If you are registered with the portal, you access it via a secure site. 

What are the advantages in registering for the patient portal? 

You will be able to see all of your communications in one place, rather than having a separate log in for each communication. It allows you to build up a library of documents relating to your attendances. 

When will a physical letter be sent out if I do not access my digital letter? 

If you haven’t viewed your digital letter within 24/48 hours, a physical letter will be sent to you. 

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