The Great Alder Hey Bake Off

The Great Alder Hey Bake Off

The Great Alder Hey Bake Off

15th Mar 2021

Last week, we were thrilled to announce the winner and runners up of this year’s Great Alder Hey Bake Off.

We were very lucky to have 2020 Great British Bake Off contestant Mark Lutton help judge the top three entries and the winning bake, based upon not only presentation, but also the meaning behind it. This had to revolve around the theme of self-love and self-care, which has become much more prevalent this past year.

With so many amazing entries it came very close, but the winning bake was…

When it rains, look for rainbows’ by Vicky Worrall, Respiratory Nurse Specialist!

image-20210315110046-1.png image-20210315110216-2.png

“The rainbow has become such a significant symbol during the COVID Pandemic and a sign of the love and gratitude for the NHS. Having worked in the NHS as a nurse for 25 years, always trying to look on the bright side of life in difficult times, I wanted my heart rainbow cake to be one that I would create and share with love.”

Judge Mark spoke very highly of Vicky’s cake; “This cake is really professional and I love the rainbows running through it. The cake looks delicious too, and the inspiration for this one is really lovely!”

Vicky loves baking and has baked for many years. She often bakes for her family, friends and work colleagues as an expression of her love. During the pandemic, she has baked many treats to share with the Respiratory team and says it has helped her to deal with the stress and ‘hug’ people from a far. She started baking bread for the very first time in lockdown and has now hand made over 50 loaves which she generously delivers to neighbours, friends and family who are shielding. Amazing!

In 2nd place we had ‘Make your happiness a priority’ cake from Georgina Ashcroft, Orthotics

image-20210315110416-3.png image-20210315110512-4.png

“My cake expresses the importance of being happy and looking after ourselves. Especially during these difficult times we need to stay positive and focus on our wellbeing. The rainbow themed side of the cake is bright and full of colour to represent all things positive like happiness, love and care. The other side shows what I do in my spare time to care for myself. These things make me feel good and they are what I love to do to relax and unwind. Lastly, the explosion of hearts in the centre of my cake represents that self-love and care should be the centre of your priorities.”

Mark’s comment: “So much thought has gone into this one, and a lot of effort. It looks amazing (I especially love the cucumbers!)”

In 3rd place is ‘Double Trouble’ from Souhilla Serir, Innovation Operational Manager

image-20210315110639-5.png image-20210315110819-6.png

“I made this cake for my sister and her daughter, the theme is about self-love/ care, for me self-love is about being happy and finding ways to stay happy through the everyday stuff. And one of the things that make me happy is seeing my family and the people around me happy.  This cake was a hit with my niece it had everything she likes in it including Butterflies.”

Mark’s comment: "This cake looks so professional, and really tasty! I wish I could have a slice of it!"

A big thank you to Mark, Alder Hey Charity who have helped organise the competition, and of all of you who took part!

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