Latest Alder Hey Statement Regarding Alfie Evans - 16th April 2018

Latest Alder Hey Statement Regarding Alfie Evans - 16th April 2018

Latest Alder Hey Statement Regarding Alfie Evans - 16th April 2018

16th Apr 2018

Statement from Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust

Today Alfie’s parents brought an application before the Court of Appeal claiming that he was unlawfully detained. They also claimed that despite the unanimous medical evidence and the extensive findings of the Court in previous decisions about Alfie’s best interests, they should be able to choose to take him abroad even though that was expressly not in his best interests.

The Court of Appeal dismissed those applications. Mr Justice Hayden had previously said that the application alleging Alfie was unlawfully detained was entirely misconceived. The Court of Appeal agreed.

Our priority is to continue to provide the best possible care for Alfie and his parents at this difficult time.

Following receipt of the decision Mr Evans has raised criticisms of the treatment Alfie has received. We refute those criticisms entirely. Both Mr Justice Hayden and the Court of Appeal have commented earlier about the very high standard of treatment provided by the team at Alder Hey. Those comments were echoed by the Court of Appeal in handing down judgment today. Experts instructed by the family have also praised the treatment provided by the team here.

We trust that the public and supporters of Alfie’s parents will read in detail the decision of the Court of Appeal following today’s hearing. We will provide a link as soon as it is publicly available. It will assist all those who are concerned for Alfie and interested in his treatment to read in detail the decisions of the Court that summarise the evidence and applicable law.

We hope that staff will be allowed to continue caring for Alfie and all other children at Alder Hey without interference or disturbance.

We would like to re-assure patients and families that Alder Hey remains fully operational with A&E open for urgent and emergency care as usual. Patients should attend their appointments as scheduled.

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