Latest Statement regarding Alfie Evans - 20th April

Latest Statement regarding Alfie Evans - 20th April

Latest Statement regarding Alfie Evans - 20th April

20th Apr 2018

Statement from Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust

Today the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the High Court and the Court of Appeal confirming that “It has been conclusively determined that it is not in Alfie’s best interests to continue to receive treatment or to travel abroad for treatment.”

The Supreme Court acknowledged that this was a “desperately sad case…principally of course for Alfie’s parents for they love their little boy dearly and want to do all in their power to keep him alive. But it is sad also for the people who have been keeping Alfie alive for so long, the doctors and nurses at Alder Hey hospital.”

Having reviewed the application the Supreme Court concluded that “The release to which (Alfie) is entitled, therefore, is release from the imposition of treatment which is not in his best interests.”

Alfie’s parents have done everything in their power to do what they think is best for him even though that is contrary to the views of the doctors.  That has inevitably prolonged the period over which he has been given treatment that was determined in February not to be in his best interests.  In concluding their judgment, the Supreme Court said:

“There is also no reason for further delay. There will be no further stay of the Court of Appeal’s order.  The hospital must be free to do what has been determined to be in Alfie’s best interests.  That is the law in this country.  No application to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg can or should change that.”

The Supreme Court had also dismissed the suggestion that Alfie was either “detained” or “unlawfully detained”.

We understand that this decision is very distressing for Alfie’s family at this very difficult time.

The decision of the Supreme Court can be found below:

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