Meet a Governor - Daniel Casson

Meet a Governor - Daniel Casson

Meet a Governor - Daniel Casson

25th Jul 2022

Ever wondered what a Governor is and what they do? Meet Daniel Casson, a public governor for the rest of England, who loves to cycle with family, open water swim and wear hats, when he is not advocating for Alder Hey.

“I live in London and am dedicated to the incredible work here at the Alder Hey. My brother was a consultant at the Hospital until he sadly passed away aged 45 from cancer. He was committed to Alder Hey, and I wanted to use my skills to do as much as I could to continue his great work.

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The chance to be the Governor for the Rest of England means that I have introduced many people who live outside the Northwest to the great work we do with and for children and families. My day job is as a consultant in digital transformation and innovation in adult social care, and I was attracted to Alder Hey due to the focus on innovation and new ways of working, which has become significant in healthcare especially during the pandemic. Over the past couple of years, I have missed my regular trips to Liverpool, as in person meetings have been replaced by online meetings which are a very efficient way of working, but lack colour and the vibrancy of talking, face-to-face, with colleagues.

As I write this, I am preparing for the election to my post. I hope that by the time this is published I will have been voted on for a second three-year term, but who knows?  I want to continue my role of working with the board to maintain quality throughout the pandemic and in the recovery period. Our children and families deserve the best. As a digital transformation specialist I scrutinise our work in innovation, as digital transformation is at the heart of modernising the Trust. The innovation spirit that runs through all the work we do is astounding. I want to see this work become more widely known, to further enhance our reputation as an innovative centre of excellence for children and families.

As part of the non executive nominations committee I work to recruit board members who combine practical skills with a sensitivity to maintaining Alder Hey as a valuable community resource. I bring a knowledge of working in care as well as a commitment to building community. To me Alder Hey is at its very core a resource which brings people together in community.

The second role I have as a governor is representing constituents in the Rest of England. Alder Hey is a national centre of expertise: through my work on the membership committee I spread the word of what we do, to ensure our work is valued throughout England and so that patients and families from all of England can receive the best care possible. I see new ways of supporting children and families in the rest of England and am exploring new ways to engage with my constituents.

I love the community feel of the hospital, allied to its focus on safety and innovation and continuous improvement. By being a governor I am doing my own little bit to ensure that Liverpool has a children’s health and care facility of which it can be proud. I am a Mancunian by birth and a Man City fan to boot: I have come to love Liverpool and realise how lucky we are in the Northwest to have a healthcare facility of which the whole of the country can be proud.”

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