NHS urge everyone in Cheshire and Merseyside to get jabbed

NHS urge everyone in Cheshire and Merseyside to get jabbed

NHS urge everyone in Cheshire and Merseyside to get jabbed

10th Jan 2022

The NHS in the Cheshire and Merseyside is urging anyone who has yet to have their third dose booster of the Covid vaccine to book their appointment, as admissions to hospital soar.

The majority of people being admitted have either not had their booster or have not had the full course of the vaccine

The evidence is clear. Not getting vaccinated against Covid puts you at greater risk of serious illness and death.

Getting your third dose of the vaccine really is the best protection against serious illness.  You can find information on your nearest vaccine clinic by calling 119, accessing the national booking service online or looking on your local council website.

There are also a number of sites open where people can walk-in and grab-a-jab without an appointment. 

The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly and there has been a sharp rise in the number of people requiring hospital beds.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your friends.

It also means that you are much less likely to end up in a hospital bed that could otherwise be used to treat someone else.

High rates of infection have also caused a high staff absence rate in several essential services.

Help keep essential services running this winter, by making sure you get your Covid booster when eligible - to protect yourself and others.

Covid rates in Cheshire and Merseyside [or local area] are amongst the highest in the country so get your booster now to protect yourself and others.

High infection rates of Omicron mean it’s more important than ever to get your Covid booster.

You can get a booster dose if you had your second dose of the vaccine at least 3 months ago.

Book your booster appointment as soon as possible using the online National Booking Service or by calling 119; or you can visit one of the walk-in vaccination centres in your local area. Find your nearest walk-in site here.

Can’t attend your Covid-19 vaccination appointment? Please cancel so we can open your slot to somebody else. If needed, you can then book for a later date.

Remember: people over 18 can get their vaccine (first, second or booster) 28 days after a Covid-19 infection.

Even though the Omicron strain of Covid appears to be milder, it’s still vital to get your booster. Hospitals and other essential services are under severe pressure and people who are vaccinated are 88% more protected against serious illness.

You still need your booster vaccine, even if you have recently had Covid-19. The vaccine generally provokes a stronger immune response than the illness because it is a targeted exposure designed to maximise immunity.

It’s essential we continue to follow the national guidance - washing our hands regularly, wearing a face covering when required, keeping their distance from people outside their own household and restricting our social interactions outside our homes.

These simple actions will help stop the spread of the virus in our communities and reduce the number of people with Covid-19 requiring hospital care, which helps us maintain as many services as possible.

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