Potential travel disruption around Alder Hey

Potential travel disruption around Alder Hey

Potential travel disruption around Alder Hey

28th May 2019

This Sunday 2nd June, there is potential for severe disruptions in travel in and around the Alder Hey area.

There is the possibility of a Liverpool Football Club Homecoming Parade taking place this Sunday 2nd June.

The parade will only take place in the event of a Liverpool winning results and will start at approximately 16:00 hrs, finishing at approximately 20:00 hrs.

It will likely result in significant crowds and road closures leading into and around the city, with possible demands upon healthcare. 

The impact is likely to be:

  • Significant Traffic disruption/access issues for both patients, staff and suppliers
  • As roads are closed and there will be increased numbers, there could be disruption to public transport and potential congestion across the city
  • Potential increase in hospital demand due to increased numbers across the city

Specific road closure details include:

 - The Strand will be closed northbound on 2 June from Leeds Street / Old Hall Street junction to the Upper Parliament Street / Great George Street junction from 9.30am to 11pm or until it is safe to re-open. The southbound lane will be closed from approx. 5pm until 11pm, again subject to crowd safety requirements.

 - The closures for Allerton Maze, Queen’s Drive, Millbank, West Derby Road (outward bound), Erskine Street, Islington, Hunter Street and Leeds Street will not go in until the parade approaches unless the size of the crowd at any point causes a safety concern.

 - West Derby Road city bound will also be closed from Sheil Road at 4pm until the conclusion of the parade in this area.

For further details on how this could affect you, please visit the following ‘Culture Liverpool’ link which will give you the route plan:  Plans for potential LFC victory parades - Culture Liverpool 

It also provides some advice to help you plan journeys in advance, which we would strongly advise in the case of any parades taking place.

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