Update: Development Of Springfield Park

Update: Development Of Springfield Park

Update: Development Of Springfield Park

5th Dec 2015

Alder Hey remains committed to continuing the development of Springfield Park as originally intended and honour all its commitments. Feedback gathered during a week long consultation event in Springfield Park in 2015 helped shape the plans for a new Springfield Park. The park will retain its previous area of nine hectares.

To keep our promise of improving access to the park by users from the hospital and the local community, Springfield Park will be reshaped with clear green access routes to Alder Road, Eaton Road and improved access to the Liverpool Loop Line. Any buildings involved in these plans will not impact on the promised reinstated parkland. They will be in addition and will help to make the park a safe and welcoming space.

In summary the Trust intends to demolish the old hospital buildings over the next two years and proposes (subject to planning permission) to replace it with:

  • A world class park, restoring and uplifting the old Springfield Park and retaining its previous area of nine hectares. It is intended to place this Park into local community ownership and make it a centrepiece for our programmes of health and activity aimed at improving health and wellbeing for children in Liverpool.
  • A housing development at the Alder Road edge of the site to provide activity and oversight of the park on its northern fringe.
  • Alder Hey buildings on the Eaton Road fringe to house the administrative and research teams still located in the old buildings (and allow the Park to be cleared of the old hospital) and a new centre to house the Alder Centre for bereaved parents and families.

The plans have always formed the core idea for the future of the site and we have been discussing them with local residents, schools and community groups over the past couple of years.

We believe the creation of the new Park and the associated developments will provide a real boost for the local area and focus for our health promotion activities.

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