We want your feedback on Sefton services

We want your feedback on Sefton services

We want your feedback on Sefton services

9th Apr 2019

Next week will see Ofsted and the Care Quality Commision (CQC) carry out a join re-visit of the Sefton area following a previous inspection that took place in November 2016.

During the visit, Ofsted and CQC inspectors will be keen to speak to as many childrena dn young people, and their parents, as possible.

How can you contribute your views during this local area re-visit?

There are several ways in which children, young people, parents and carers can engage with the re-visit process and contibute your views.

The inspectors will gather the contributions of parents and families through an online survey and a face-to-face open meeting.

  • Parents and carers who would like to take part in this curvey can follow this link - https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/SeftonRe-VisitLASEND/. The survey will open at 12 noon on Monday 8th April 2019 and close at 12 noon on Tuesday 16th April 2019.
  • You can also attend an open meeting, which will take place on Monday 16th Aoril 2019, 4pm to 6.30pm, at Sefton PDC, 25 Park Road, Fromby, Liverpool, L37 6EW. Parents and carers can contact their local Parent Carer Forum to request details of how to be part of the discussions betweens parents and carers and the Ofsted/CQC re-visit team.

Information gathered during the re-visit

During this re-visit, inspectors may collect information about children and young people in the area. They may look at local area records, speak to area officers and leaders at educational settings, and speak to children, young people and parents or carers.

No names will be recorded, but some of the information collected may identify a particular child, young person or adult. Ofsted and the CQC will use this information to prepare their re-visit outcomes letter, and for the purposes set out in their privacy notices. No information will be published that identifies any individual in the outcomes letter.

If you wish to know more about how we use the information, please see our privacy notice relating to LASEND on our website. If you have any concerns about our use of personal data, please email informationrequest@ofsted.gov.uk and/or the CQC at information.access@cqc.org.uk.

Information on Ofsted’s and the CQC’s privacy notices is available on the links below:






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