Wearing a Cloth Face Covering During Your Visit

Wearing a Cloth Face Covering During Your Visit

Wearing a Cloth Face Covering During Your Visit

12th Jun 2020

From Monday 15th June, in line with government guidance we are asking that all Alder Hey outpatients and visitors wear a cloth face covering. This does not include children under the age of three years old or anyone with respiratory or developmental conditions.

Wearing cloth face coverings/masks may slow the spread of respiratory viruses and help people who may have the virus, and do not know it, from infecting others. They should continue to be used alongside other measures including social/physical distancing, practicing good hand and respiratory hygiene and cleaning surfaces.

If you do not attend with your own cloth face coverings, we will have some available from a number of hygiene stations around the hospital. You can find out how to use your covering safely here.

If you prefer to make your own cloth face covering you can find out how to do so here  - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-wear-and-make-a-cloth-face-covering/how-to-wear-and-make-a-cloth-face-covering 

Please continue to help us reduce the spread of Covid-19 by: 

    - Washing or gelling your hands when entering Alder Hey and in ward areas.
    - Limiting visitors to one person at a time (chosen from two nominated adults) – see here for more.
    - Keeping 2 metres apart where possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I wear a cloth face covering?

You can be infectious for others before noticing symptoms, wearing a cloth face covering aims to protect people around you.

When should I wear a cloth face cover?

You should wear a face covering if you are visiting Alder Hey. You can also consider wearing a cloth face cover wherever you are unable to maintain social distancing (staying 2 metres apart from each other) e.g. public transport, shops… Remember to keep practicing good hand and respiratory hygiene measures.

Who should not wear a cloth face cover?

Young children (especially below 5 years of age), anyone with breathing or developmental problems or an unconscious person should not wear a face covering.

Why should I wear a cloth face cover and not a surgical mask?

Surgical masks and respirators should be reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders.

Is a cloth face cover a single use item?

No, you can reuse a cloth face covering if you wash it appropriately. They should be put into the washing machine after each use and washed at the warmest appropriate water settings with any detergent. Thereafter, the face cover needs to dry thoroughly (either through direct sunlight or at high heat).

What are our Alder Hey cloth face covers made of?

We believe that the quality of yarn and construction of the weave in our Alder Hey and Alder Hey Children’s Charity branded cloth face covers provide the highest filtration possible in cotton materials. They are totally reusable, biodegradable and responsible.
Our Alder Hey and Alder Hey Children’s Charity branded cloth face covers are made of two layers of fabric, just like the ones included in the Public Health England Guidance ‘How to wear and make a cloth face covering’, dated 4 June. The fabric is tightly woven Supima cotton with a 450 thread count. Woven from fine 2/80ne yarn in warp and weft in a plain “Percale” weave.
We will continuously develop and enhance our cloth face covers to meet all government recommendations and guidance.

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