COVID-19 Testing Process

COVID-19 Testing Process

Below is all of the information you will need to attend your pre-booked COVID-19 test at Alder Hey.

The testing process

  • The test is a simple nose and throat swab.
  • Testing is by appointment, seven days each week.
  • Testing will be performed as a “drive-through” procedure.

To reach the drive through:

  • Enter the Alder Hey Emergency Department entrance (via Eaton Road, POST CODE L12 2AP)
  • Drive past the entrance for the A&E Department and the entry to the garage is on your left 
  • A staff member in a yellow jacket will direct you
  • Please keep your windows shut until you drive into the testing area
  • A member of staff will explain the next steps

Results come back within 24 - 48 hours. The pre–op team will review the results and ONLY contact you if the result is positive. If you do not receive a call regarding the result prior to your surgery then please presume the result is negative and attend as planned on your confirmed admission date.

Please do not call the laboratory, the IPC Team or the ID/Microbiology Doctor on call for the results. 

If your child should become unwell prior to the Covid testing/surgery you can speak to a Pre Op Nurse on 0151 252 5845.
On day of surgery, car parking spaces have been allocated on the lower ground floor level of the multi storey car park which is accessed via the East Prescott Road entrance of the hospital (Post Code - L14 5AB), please drive towards the Surgical Screening Area.

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