Young Person's Questionnaire

To be completed by children 7 years and above. The child version of the questionnaire should be completed by the young person themselves. However, parents may support with this. Parents are also asked to complete the parent version of the questionnaire.

Wellbeing in Diabetics Questionnaire
Q2. Please tick to show how much you agree with each statement. These statements are about you/the person with diabetes have been getting on in the last month:
a. Worrying about eating patterns and appetite (Please tick one)
b. Feeling sad/low in mood (Please tick one)
c. Worrying or feeling nervous (Please tick one)
d. Home life or family relationships have been difficult (Please tick one)
e. Struggling at pre-school, school college or work (Please tick one)
f. Having difficulty getting on with friends (Please tick one)
g. Having difficulty doing what is needed to look after my diabetes e.g. testing, injections, pump, carb count etc. (Please tick one)
This form has been created by a sub group of the Yorkshire and Humber Children and Young People with Diabetes Programme Board. Please do not adapt the statements without agreement from the Chair
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