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The Marketplace

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Find out more about our presenters and the topics they will be discussing below.

Room A: Widening Participation / Community Engagement

How do we inspire school leavers to consider child healthcare careers/degrees?

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A1

Apprenticeship Opportunities in the Liverpool City Region

Name of stallholder: Sue Ennis - Skills Broker/Apprenticeship Support

Organisation: Be More



Be More, Be An Apprentice! This scheme has joined forces with the Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Hub Team continuing to provide a free, impartial information advice and guidance service for apprenticeships.

Incorporated under the “Be More” banner, the team will continue the promotion and celebration of apprenticeships to schools, young people, and parents throughout communities, including facilitating the Apprentice Ambassador Network.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A2

Traineeships and Apprenticeships in Biomedical Science

Name of stallholder: Dave Eccleston - Head of Modernising Scientific Careers

Organisation: Liverpool Clinical Laboratories


The Liverpool Clinical Laboratories Traineeship programme is for both 16-24 year olds and 25+ year olds. On completion, trainees can apply for support roles and substantive posts leading to our apprenticeship programmes and finally a role as a Biomedical Scientist. The programme has won a number of national and regional awards.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A3

Widening Participation in Dentistry

Name of stallholder: Amanda Roberts - Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry

Organisation: Amanda Roberts


A short Powerpoint to describe the Widening Participation programme at University of Liverpool's School of Dentistry. This includes an overview of activities aimed at encouraging school children from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider dentistry as a career. These activities are delivered by dental students to children ranging from years 8-10.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A4

Widening Participation in Healthcare Professions

Name of stallholder: Fiona Watson - Faculty Director of Widening Participation

Organisation: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, University of Liverpool


Students within the University of Liverpool’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences come from a wide range of backgrounds. This market stall highlights how we support learners from low participation neighbourhoods, low income and other disadvantaged backgrounds, to encourage applications to Higher Education as a route to the healthcare professions.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A5

Advice for prospective university applicants

Name of stallholder: Karen Forman - Schools and Colleges Account Manager

Organisation: Outreach Team,  Student Recruitment and Admissions, Liverpool John Moores University


At LJMU, we run various widening participation programmes in 17 local schools from year groups 9 to 11. We have found that all students meet at least one of the WP criteria. Part of the programme would include a visit to the university. Our programmes are very interactive, and showcase healthcare subjects (along with other subjects) run at the universities. I intend to showcase a selection of activities from the healthcare sector that we have run as part of the visit. I will bring students with me to assist in the running of the activities.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall A6

Widening Access to Medicine

Name of stallholder: Dr Jayne Garner - Programme Lead/Senior Lecturer

Organisation: School of Medicine, Edge Hill University


Staff from Edge Hill University will provide information about their healthcare and medical courses, with a particular focus on our Widening Access to Medicine (WAM) programme for years 12-13.

Our focus is on training doctors who can represent the local population as they are best placed to address local needs.

Room B: Selection/Admissions/Recruitment

Once a school leaver applies to study for a healthcare degree, how do we choose which ones to accept?

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall B1

Integrated Masters (MSc) in Physician Associate (PA) Studies  (MPAS)

Name of stallholder: Dr Emyr Bakker - Deputy Course Lead/Lecturer in Medical Sciences

Organisation: Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)


If you are interested in becoming a Physician Associate (PA), a new medical healthcare professional, soon to be regulated by the GMC, then just four years at UCLan is the place you need to be! Don’t know what a PA is? Come and find out!

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall B2

BSc Children’s Nursing

Name of stallholder: Kate Knight - Deputy Head: Department of Midwifery, Child and Reproductive Health

Organisation: Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Chester


Have you got the right qualities to become a children's nurse? Did you know we are regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery professional code of conduct? This session will explore your values and attributes and how these can be developed. This session will include some fun and interactive learning activities.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall B3

MBChB Medicine

Name of stallholder: Rob Skaife - Deputy Director of Admissions

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Liverpool


Liverpool’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry are part of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Both schools adopt recommendations from the Medical Schools Council’s Selecting for Excellence report, to recruit the best candidates from a range of backgrounds.

This stall provides information on the admissions criteria for applications to our schools.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall B4

Tips for applying to Dentistry (BDS)

Name of stallholder: Lyn Jones - Admissions Tutor

Organisation: School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool


The application process for Dentistry is often seen as complicated. Making an application to study dentistry can appear daunting. This talk aims to lay out the initial parts of an application in the order that you need to consider them, taking you from qualifications to A-level results.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall B5

BSc Children's Nursing

Name of stallholder: David Foster - Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Organisation: School of Nursing, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)




Room C: Curriculum Content: Communication Skills

How do we teach this important cross-disciplinary skill to diverse healthcare undergraduates?

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall C1

Communication in diagnostic radiography

Name of stallholder: Diane Evans - Lead Radiographer

Organisation: Department of Radiology, Alder Hey Children's Hospital


I would like to highlight the importance of communications skills with both the patient and the attending carer/parent when attending for a diagnostic imaging examination. I will demonstrate how we use distraction techniques and use stickers and pads to make the examination fun, fast, and less intimidating for young patients who might be in pain and frightened.

Stall C2

Evidence-based approaches to teaching communication in dentistry

Name of stallholder: Mark Jellicoe

Organisation: School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool


The session will outline an integrated, evidenced based approach adopted in the School of Dentistry which focuses on balancing needs, developing confidence, and managing challenge in communicating in clinical settings. A combination of approaches including group inquiry, role playing activities, and observations allow learners to reflect on their developing skills.

Stall C3

Me first: a novel patient-centric communication tool

Name of stallholder: Rachel Naunton

Organisation: Department of Physiotherapy, Great Ormond Street Hospital




Room D: Teaching Methodology: Technology-Enhanced Learning

What innovative technologies are currently being used in undergraduate healthcare education, and what is in the pipeline for the future?

Stall D1

Data-driven innovation in dental education

Name of stallholder: Matthew Cripps - Lecturer in Digital Education and Innovation

Organisation: School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool


In dentistry, we collect and analyse feedback data from every undergraduate clinical experience providing a picture of performance from thousands of data points. The analysis of data and its use in feedback/progression is evolving. We aim to outline our current practice and what a future with Artificial Intelligence may hold.

Stall D2


Name of stallholder: Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Liverpool



recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall D3


Name of stallholder: Alder Hey Innovation Team

Organisation: Innovation Hub, Alder Hey Children's Hospital


Innovation and technology will impact on the types of roles required to deliver the future of healthcare.   

Emerging roles in software development, data and computer sciences, biomedical engineering are just some examples of new disciplines required to support clinicians in the safe and effective care for our patients now and into the future.

Room E: Student Professionalism and Empowerment

How do we encourage healthcare undergraduates to strive for excellence when on placement in a children’s hospital? How do we sustain their interest?

Stall E1

Medical Student Professionalism

Name of stallholder: Viktoria Joynes - Director of Studies/Senior Lecturer in Medical Education

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Liverpool


What changes between the day you leave school and the day you start medical school that turns you into a 'professional' student?  Come and chat about approaches to 'day-to-day professionalism’ or chance your arm at 'professionalism snakes and ladders'. Can you make it all the way through medical school without causing concerns, or will you earn commendations on your way to graduating?

Stall E2

Humanitarian Champions – Advance the Rights and Wellbeing of Asylum Seekers and Refugees 

Name of stallholder: Carina Van Der Boor (Ph.D. Student), Apeksha Mallya (Medical Student), Anna Horrocks (Medical Student), Albany Ferguson-Smith (Mental Health Practitioner), Emma Sheridan (Mental Health Practitioner)

Organisation: School of Nursing and Allied Health, Liverpool John Moores University



We believe that in order to increase healthcare undergraduate student engagement, giving them an advocacy role is a powerful strategy. Become a Humanitarian Champion! Asylum seekers and refugees have challenges in accessing healthcare due to poor health literacy, cultural differences, language barriers and limited legal rights to health care.

Stall E3

Maintaining professional standards in healthcare undergraduates

Name of stallholder: Lisa Westley - Practice Education Facilitator (PEF)

Organisation: Practice Education Facilitators, Alder Hey Children's Hospital


Through student documentation and training of our assessors/supervisors we ensure that we support the student journey with the promotion of professionalism at all times. This enables us as a placement provider to assess the students continuously on professionalism, and ensure they adhere to their own professional registration.

Room F: Student Feedback

What do healthcare undergraduates feedback about their courses? What methods of feedback are used by HEIs and placements to collate feedback?

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall F1

Feedback of Apprentices in Cardiac Physiology

Name of stallholder: Lyndsey Marsden (Paediatric Cardiac Physiologist), Paul Sweeney (Cardiac Physiologist), Jack Roberts (Apprentice) and Lewis Clarke (Apprentice)

Organisation: ECG, Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Email: /

Our niche but diverse cardiac physiology department carries out many diagnostic investigations.  Currently there is a lack of cardiac physiologists in the world of healthcare, and so there is a huge gap to be filled in our role. In aid of this, we have recently just recruited two apprentices. The apprentices attend university for four weeks a year whilst learning on the job here at Alder Hey. Our aim for the symposium is to expand knowledge in our field and entice potential employees. We will give a brief overview of our job, and there will be an opportunity for our current apprentices to share their ongoing career pathway.

Stall F2

Medical student feedback of hospital placements

Name of stallholder:

School of Medicine, Quality Team

Jan Machin Quality Manager, Kate Silvera Evaluation Data Analyst, Dr Anna Ballinger Deputy Director of Quality (Community Placements), Dr Clare O'Leary Deputy Director of Quality (Hospital Trusts)

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Liverpool



Here at Liverpool University School of Medicine, we understand the importance of Student Doctor feedback in celebrating excellence and in effecting change to ensure the best Student Doctor experience. Come and find out why your feedback matters, how we collect it, and what we do within the Quality Team to drive improvement. Find out too, what Student Doctors at Alder Hey are saying about their experience in Child Health. Choose Liverpool University School of Medicine, we listen, we care, we celebrate excellence, we deliver change.

Stall F3

Healthcare undergraduate student feedback

Name of stallholder: Liz Grady - Practice Education Facilitator (PEF)

Organisation: Practice Education Facilitators, Alder Hey Children's Hospital


As part of our quality reporting structure, we collate and review student feedback from all 28 placement areas across the Trust. This data enables us to look at themes and trends and respond to issues that may be raised. Through this process, we ensure our placements are reviewed regularly and feedback is delivered to both students, Higher Educational Institutions, and placement areas.

Room G: Student Resilience, Wellbeing, and Morale

What are the common problems facing healthcare undergraduate students, and how can children’s hospitals be sensitive to these?

Stall G1

Catering for the needs of healthcare students with disabilities

Name of stallholder: Denise Parker - Disability Coordinator, Nursing and Allied Health

Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University


I will speak about my role as Disability Coordinator in the School of Nursing and Allied Health, and how students with disabilities might be supported both at university, and possibly in the practice area. I will mention about some of the support available at LJMU for students.

Stall G2

Wellbeing amongst medical students

Name of stallholder: Dr Richard Latten - Deputy Director of Wellbeing

Organisation: School of Medicine, University of Liverpool


We will provide an overview of wellbeing for student doctors including the issues which may affect wellbeing during the course of studying medicine and approaches to providing support drawing on guidance from the General Medical Council and other key organisations.

Stall G3

Personal Development and Wellbeing for Dental students

Name of stallholder: Lynne Millsopp - Senior Lecturer in Oral Surgery/Senior Tutor

Organisation: School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool


We have introduced a component called 'Personal Development and Wellbeing' which seeks to support students while at University. We will be describing strategies and support which help students set realistic goals, learn to deal with difficult feedback, and support each other in their learning.

Stall G4

Wellbeing amongst nursing students

Name of stallholder: Wendy Sinclair - Senior Lecturer

Organisation: School of Nursing, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)



Stall G5

Navigating students to better mental health

Name of stallholder: Philip Bridges - Founder

Organisation: The Mind Gap




Room H: Transition into postgraduate learning (taught and independent)

What are the common pathways and options facing healthcare graduates?

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall H1

MSc Advanced Paediatric, Neonatal, Midwifery Practice

Name of stallholder: Katie Barnes (Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner) and Nick Medforth (Programme Leader)

Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University

Email: /

Kids’ Health Matters and Liverpool John Moores University have collaborated to deliver an innovative MSc in Advanced Paediatric, Neonatal and Midwifery Practice. Chat to us about the successes of the course and the nationally recognised role of the Advanced Practitioner, including clinical and diagnostic skills, education, research, and leadership.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall H2

Careers in Operating Theaters

Name of stallholder: Regi Thekkekute - Clinical Skills Facilitator/Orthopaedic Advanced Practitioner

Organisation: Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs), Alder Hey Children's Hospital


Alder Hey Theatre Department offers a clearly defined training and development package which includes a super-numerary preceptorship scheme for all new practitioners. We have strong links with local Higher Educational Institutions, and provide you with access to a range of post-registration modules and pathways including specialist ones.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall H3

Scientist Training Programme

Name of stallholder: Ian Hufton (Principle Physicist in Nuclear Medicine), Bryony Hickton (Trainee Clinical Scientist - Biochemistry) and Ceri Middleman (Trainee Clinical Scientist - Cardiac Science)

Organisation: National School of Healthcare Scientists

Email: / /

The National School of Healthcare Scientists (part of Health Education England) facilitates and supports the education, training, and development of all healthcare scientists. The Scientist Training Programme (STP) and Higher Specialist Training (HSST) Programme provide frameworks for scientist development between apprentices to consultant grades to support high quality services.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall H4

Graduate Careers in Health and Life Sciences

Name of stallholder: David Aziz (Lecturer in Medical Education) and Cathy Fletcher (Lecturer in Nursing)

Organisation: School of Medicine / School of Health Sciences, Univsersity of Liverpool /

We will be advertising the postgraduate offerings of the University of Liverpool’s  Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. We represent both the School of Medicine, and the School of Health Sciences. Options include translational medicine courses as well as specialist courses related to nursing and allied health professions.

recommended for schools badge.jpg Stall H5

Postgraduate training options in Dentistry

Name of stallholder: Dr Laura Gartshore (Undergraduate BDS/Programme Director/Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry) and Nathalie Gallichan (Specialist Trainee and Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Dentistry)

Organisation: School of Dentistry,  University of Liverpool

Email: / 

What does your future hold? Many healthcare professionals choose to undertake postgraduate training. Postgraduate training is a great way to build on your existing skills & knowledge. Find out how postgraduate training can benefit you and how to initiate a postgraduate pathway. We will talk through the options in dentistry, but these apply across all of healthcare.

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