Non-Medical Education

Non-Medical Education

Nurse Education Team

The Nurse Education team at Alder Hey consists of our practice education facilitators (PEF’s) and our clinical practice educators (CPE’s). Both groups work together to ensure our current and future nursing workforce, are supported to achieve all the skills, knowledge and experience that is required, to enable us to continue to deliver high quality nursing care to our patients and families.

Clinical Practice Educators (CPE’s)

The CPEs are based in our clinical areas across all Divisions within the organisation and have a wide reaching and flexible role in meeting the educational and training needs of the service. They not only support the nursing workforce in their area to maintain the required levels of mandatory training compliance, whilst also ensuring any additional specific skills training needs are met, but as part of the organisational nurse education team, they support our recruitment strategy, preceptorship framework and nursing induction.

The CPE’s ensure there is a standardised, organisational approach to the implementation of any new projects, or training needs and will often support specialist teams, or organisational initiatives in relation to educational requirements.

Practice Education Facilitators (PEF’s)

The PEF team supports nursing and allied health professional (AHP) students, who are undertaking clinical placements as part of their training programme. This is achieved by ensuring our organisational assessors and supervisors are suitably prepared to support our students, and also ensuring that the learning environment is of the highest quality.

The PEF team also work in close partnership with a number of local, regional and national universities to ensure we are able to fully utilise all the learning opportunities that as an organisation we can provide. Innovative practice opportunities are being developed in partnership with our local universities, to ensure we are able to continue to support the increasing numbers of nursing students regionally.

The PEF team oversee all nurse education action groups, addressing our current and future training requirements, in addition to supporting any nursing students through our recruitment process.

Nursing students are able to access a wide variety of clinical areas, gaining exposure to a number of specialties within the organisation across all Divisions of Community, Medicine and Surgery. Our PEF team provide support to students in all these areas.

We also have a process for supporting nursing students who are from outside of our local area, who request to undertake a placement within the organisation. However currently this is suspended and further details will be provided when this is reactivated.

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