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A word from our CEO

Alder Hey is a world class organisation. Many of our clinicians are celebrated as the best in their fields and, in recent years, we have been increasingly recognised as a “go to” place for knowledge and advice about children’s healthcare for countries around the world. 

That is why, in November, we will formally launch our new Department of International Child Health.  The department, which has already been working under the leadership of Professor Barry Pizer, will seek to enhance our existing global work, from partnerships in Malawi, Nepal and other areas of “humanitarian” work, to our increasing partnerships with nations such as with China to deliver education and training.

This visible recognition of our international reach is long overdue and the new department of International Child Health is an exciting development that allows us to celebrate and develop our position as an international leader in children and young people’s health.  The department will recognise and co-ordinate this work, much of which exists already and give it better accountability within the Trust.

An example of this is the agreement between Alder Hey and Kanti Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu to work together to develop services for children in Nepal. Kanti is the only dedicated children’s hospital in the region and staff from Alder Hey have visited the hospital to share their expertise and skills, provide training in Paediatric Life Support and Resuscitation, cancer treatment, burns surgery, treatment of epilepsy and other specialties.  Colleagues devote a lot of their personal time to support this work in other nations. 

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This time is given freely and is an important part of those with experience giving back where it can help others develop their own services and expertise.  We need to ensure that such work is supported within Alder Hey and the new department will be a place to do so.

Similarly, our new, fully opened Institute in the Park will be a hub of Research, Education and Innovation, reaching out to support children’s health across the world.  For example, the Education team recently started a three year clinical observership programme and we welcomed the first cohort of Doctors and Nurses from China, in collaboration with The Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation.  The team also has agreements with Hunan Children’s Hospital and Xi’an Fendong Children’s Hospital to deliver further education and training programmes.

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As part of our global reach and appeal the Board has also agreed to examine any potential for using our global expertise and knowledge to treat children who cannot access such expertise within their own country.  The Board was clear that we can only do this if any income it brings enhances the provision of our NHS services and in no way works to their detriment.  That is why we are in the process of inviting potential partners to indicate to us how they could support delivery of highly specialised services for international private patients within Alder Hey.  Any proposals will focus on our overall Trust vision – which is to deliver A healthier future for children and young people.  A fundamental principle of any such partnership will be enhancing our ability to deliver NHS services based on Alder Hey’s global reputation.

I am excited by all of this work, and I hope you are too. By delivering and celebrating such partnerships, Alder Hey, Liverpool and Merseyside will be recognised as a global centre of excellence for children and young people’s health.

With warmest wishes,

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Louise Shepherd CBE
Chief Executive

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