CMA Order 2014 Compliance

CMA Order 2014 Compliance

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (the CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order following its investigation into the private healthcare industry. The order imposed requirements on private hospital operators to disclose certain information in relation to referring clinicians for the benefit of patients. Full details about the investigation and the order can be found on the CMA web page The information provided by Alder Hey is required by the order.

"Higher value" services

Consultants who currently undertake private practice at Alder Hey already are employed by the Trust to deliver services to NHS patients. Therefore the following services are available to our clinicians to support NHS and private patient care:

• In-house training is provided in line with NHS training programmes to ensure clinical safety.

• Operational services such as patient admission and administration are provided to consultants to support both their NHS and private practice.

• The Trust undertakes invoicing and receipt of income for hospital private charges. Consultants undertaking independent private practice are required to submit a separate invoice.

• Consulting rooms are made available for consultants to undertake private practice the charges range between £30 and £70 dependent on the services used.

• Alder Hey Children’s is an NHS hospital and as such provides insurance and indemnity protection for NHS consultants undertaking work on behalf of the Trust. Consultants undertaking independent private practice are responsible for providing additional indemnity cover for treating private patients.

"Lower value" services

• Tea and coffee is not provided to consultants.

• Stationery is provided to enable consultants to manage NHS and private patients into the outpatient clinic.

• Meals are not provided free of charge.

• Consultants and staff must pay to use onsite parking spaces.

General corporate hospitality

• The Trust has no corporate hospitality events planned in relation to private practice for 2018.

Clinician Financial Interest

Private operators are required to disclose details of referring clinicians practicing at their facilities, who have a share of financial interest in those facilities or any equipment used there. Alder Hey has no clinicians who fall into this category.

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