The Department of International Child Health

The Department of International Child Health


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Our clinicians have saved countless children at Alder Hey, but their remarkable work doesn’t just happen here at the hospital.

The International Child Health (ICH) team reach children across the globe, and use their expertise to improve healthcare in developing countries. Members of the team all have experience of working and researching overseas, and come from various departments across the trust.

Our humanitarian work focuses on the developing world, where some 80% of children reside. The trust already has links in Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan and India and the ICH team hope to strengthen these partnerships and make new connections with institutions and Healthcare professionals across the globe.

The group, led by consultants Barry Pizer and Atif Rahman, believe that international work has great outcomes for Alder Hey staff and the trust as a whole. Working overseas gives our staff a chance to expand their skills in a radically different setting and return to Alder Hey with an enhanced perspective and a wealth of new experiences. “Our international work is increasingly being recognized as a valuable contribution to global health” says Rahman of the team.

The ICH Group aim to expand over the next ten years and have two main objects for the programme:

  1. To save lives and promote health in resource-poor settings – by assisting research, education and service development.
  2. Be at the cutting edge of innovations in health by developing research and educational links with top centres in resource-rich settings.
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