Commercial Research Unit

Commercial Research Unit

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Our Commercial Research Unit, CORE, is challenging the way we work with and for our commercial partners to bring new solutions and medicines that meet the needs and benefits our babies, children and young people. CORE  combines clinical expertise, excellence in delivery and experience of working with the paediatric population together, to support companies in achieving their goals for patients. 

CORE Mission Statement:

Globally recognised as the premier place for clinical research in paediatrics, in partnership with and as a service for the commercial sector:

Within the past fifteen years, the UK landscape has changed radically for industry sponsored clinical research in the childhood population.  As a centre with rich heritage in research and development including the successful delivery of clinical studies, we are used to working in partnership with our children and young people and in fact see their input fundamental to our success.  We have experienced clinical and academic researchers across our 45 specialties, along with outstanding facilities, including a dedicated clinical research facility which is funded by the national institute of health research.  This facility, which is dedicated to early phase experimental medicine, has seen successful in supporting a range of studies and has dedicated clinical leadership in several themes, including infection, oncology and metabolic conditions.  Complimentary to this, we have experience and clinical leadership in medicines formulation and the development and delivery of device studies.  

How can we help?

We offer a range of services that can support companies in navigating the clinical trial landscape. From understanding what is acceptable to our patients, gaining feedback on prototypes and products to working with our clinicians to understand the unmet need, we can provide you with guidance to choose the best research-based methods, to produce high quality data and outcomes.  So, even if you have never done clinical research before, or are not sure whether you should, we want to make this choice easier for you.

We work with a range of businesses; from SMEs to large multinationals, across a variety of healthcare markets including therapeutics, diagnostics, genomics and medical devices.

Offering a range of services including:

  • Early project design
  • Rapid feasibility
  • Protocol writing
  • Support in regulatory submissions
  • Excellent recruitment to trials
  • High quality data collection and analysis
  • Grant writing for collaborative ventures

If you’d like to know more about working with us, and understanding the benefits that the Clinical Research Division can offer your business, please get in touch with

We look forward to working with you.

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