Future Researchers

Future Researchers


Alder Hey Children's Charity has invested significant funds to help grow Alder Hey's research portfolio across a range of specialities.

11 health care professionals from a range of specialities and professional roles have been appointed and will be supported to develop original research ideas and submit grant applications over the next two years.

Additional support has been provided to the Trust's Honorary Professors.

Cohort 1 - 2020

Name Role Division
Vicky Gray Consultant Clinical Psychologist Division of Medicine
Sioned Davies Phsyiotherapist Division of Medicine
Helen Hartley Physiotherapist Division of Medicine
Poonam Dharmaraj Consultant Division of Medicine
Atrayee Ghatak Consultant - Respiratory Division of Medicine
Rebecca Thursfield Consultant - Respiratory Division of Medicine
Jennifer Craske Pain Nurse Specialist Division of Surgical Care
Sarah Almond Consultant - Surgery Division of Surgical Care
Attillio Lotto Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon Division of Surgical Care
Susana Dominguez-Gonzalez Consultant Orthodontist Division of Surgical Care
Anne Hewitt Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist Division of Community & Mental Health

Programme Mentors

Professor Jo Blair - Endocrinology

Professor Simon Kenny - Urology

Professor Conor Mallucci - Neurosurgery

Professor Barry Pizer - Oncology

Associate Professor Shivram Avula - Radiology

Associate Professor Ian Sinha - Respiratory

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