Springfield Park

Springfield Park

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Updated imagery of park including MUGA, reserve football pitches and new children's playgournd.

A new Springfield Park is on its way!

Phase One of Springfield Park is complete and new grassed areas have brought the greenery back. Work on the next phase has begun, which includes knocking down the last Hospital building sitting on parkland. The site will then be cleared and the remaining parkland returned.

During Alder Hey's board meeting in Februaray 2023, Chair Dame Jo Williams apologised for the delay in returning the park back to the community saying: 

"I can hear the frustration and anger in terms of what's happened. I do recognise it's been a long extended period of time. Nevertheless, I can understand how frustrating it can be, I am sorry that has happened.

"Make no mistake, we know this is Liverpool Council's and the community's park. We want to work with local people to make a place where all generations can have a safe and nice place to be."

New footpaths 

We have recently created footpaths connecting to the park. These paths are a planned part of the developent of the park and were included within the planning application.

Surgical NICU 


Enabling works have started and main construction will soon begin on our new specialist surgical NICU, the first building of its kind in the country. The building is expected to open in late 2024. 

MUGA almost complete!

The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on Springfield Park nears completion. Find the latest update here.


Alder Hey and Liverpool City Council Community Days 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our community days back in November. It was great to be able to speak to local residents and councillors about the plans for the Alder Hey campus and to talk about Springfield Park. We received some really valuable feedback on both. Thank you. 

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Planting in the Park

A wide variety of trees, plants, wildflower meadows, swales and other features will create different habitats and ecosytems within the Park, increasing both biodiversity and the health of local wildlife. 

167 new trees will be planted, including 15 different species that will support native plants, insects, birds, and other animals. Some will be great sources for pollinators, others caterpillar food sources for threatened butterflys. The trees will provide wonderful spring blossom, autumnal colour and winter nuts, catkins, peeling bark and berries. 

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Woodland areas, wildflower meadows and swales will provide shaded areas perfect for hedgehogs, bats, birds, insects and funghi. Nectar-rich plant species from a wide range of flower types will attract butterfly and bee species. A wide variety of plants alongside vegetated swale and other wildlife features will provide food sources for caterpillars, nectar-rich planting, fruit bearing plants, winter seedheads, foraging areas, nesting sites, animal shelters and perches. 

Springfield Park Newsletters

Click the links below to view and download our official Springfield Park newsletters!

We know that Alder Hey’s Hospital and healthcare campus was only made possible thanks to our amazing community. We’re really grateful for that and we’re committed to delivering a Springfield Park that will be enjoyed by all. 

Get Involved!

Help us develop a Park that’s right for you! 

Contact SpringfieldPark@alderhey.nhs.uk

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