Alder Hey Volunteers receive The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service


We are proud to have received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. It is the highest award a voluntary service can receive in the UK and is a testament to all of our amazing volunteers, who give up their own time to enhance the experience of our children and young people and their families.

For more information about The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, click here.

Our volunteers have told us that giving their time is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience, allowing them to meet friends, gain new skills and contribute to the community.

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to attend one of our recruitment sessions. These sessions will include all the information you need and also provide you with a chance to ask any questions, they will also include an informal small group interview.

Upcoming Recruitment Sessions

We have the following recruitment sessions:

Thursday 27th July 2023
Wednesday 20th September 2023
Thursday 18th January 2024

Please email Volunteering@alderhey.nhs.uk to book your place. Please include your email address and contact number on the email. 


All volunteers MUST be able to commit to a 12 month commitment of a minimum 4 hours per week 

Volunteer Roles Include:

  • Welcome visitors to the Trust
  • Encourage hand hygiene
  • Provide face coverings/face masks
  • Support meal time food delivery
  • A&E Volunteers
  • Play Support/Bedtime Reading
  • Ward Companions
  • Admin Support
  • Survey Collection

All our volunteers must complete the following recruitment process:

  • Attend recruitment session
  • Enhanced adult and child DBS (provided by the Trust)
  • Occupational Health check
  • 2 references
  • Mandatory training
  • Complete a 6 week induction period

As a volunteer we will support you by providing all relevant training and offer additional sessions that may be of interest to you to enhance your role. We will provide free parking, travel expenses (£4.50 maximum per day), refreshment breaks and provide you with your volunteer uniform t-shirt for a £5 refundable deposit.

If you are looking for work experience within the trust, please direct your enquiries to work.experience@alderhey.nhs.uk.

The important role our volunteers play

image-20210312131014-2.png image-20210312130933-1.png

Volunteers complement the roles of paid staff, they do not replace them. Careful consideration has therefore been given to activities that volunteers undertake. Volunteers do not provide core services; instead they provide support which adds value to services and the roles of paid staff.

Contact us

Please email us at volunteering@alderhey.nhs.uk or call 0151 228 4811 - Ext 3174/3175.

Volunteer Agreement

Everybody who volunteers at Alder Hey must read and comply with our Volunteer Agreement:

Read the Volunteer Agreement

Alder Hey

This Agreement is a means of highlighting our commitment to providing a rewarding and productive volunteering experience that is of mutual benefit to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and you, the volunteer. It is not intended to be legally binding and does not create any contractual obligations.

This Agreement confirms your right of access to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (“the Trust”) solely for the purposes of volunteering work on the terms set out below. This agreement does not give rise to an employment relationship between you and the Trust or to an employer and worker relationship or partnership between you and the Trust.

The Volunteer

You are considered to be a legal visitor to Alder Hey Hospital. You are not entitled to any form of payment or paid benefit provided by the Trust to employees.  If you are an existing NHS employee with another NHS organisation, you will remain accountable to your employer. Access to training and or educational programmes should be discussed with your Volunteering Services Manager/Head of Department and are subject to any policies and procedures within the Trust.

The Trust accepts no liability for loss by theft, fire or other means of personal property.

The Volunteer agrees to the following:

  • Each volunteering session I will sign in and out at the concierge desk
  • I will undertake my volunteer role at agreed times, informing the relevant member of staff if I am unable to attend (Volunteer Office and your Department)
  • Undertaking my role to the best of my ability, following the Role Description
  • Comply with the Volunteer Dress Code, including: wearing a clean T-shirt/Navy Jeans/white pumps and wearing my Alder Hey identity badge when on hospital premises
  • My hair will be tied back/no chewing gum/no nail polish/no mobile/ no jewellery below the elbow
  • I will act in a calm and professional manner
  • I will raise any issues or concerns relating to my placement with my department manager or Volunteering Services Department
  • I will Inform Volunteering Services in writing if I wish to leave my placement
  • I will promptly return any Alder Hey property that I may have in my possession on ceasing my volunteering position T-shirt and ID badge.
  • I will contact the Volunteer Services Department if I unable to attend for any reason

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