Work at Alder Hey

Work at Alder Hey

This section will provide you with more information about working at Alder Hey. From what it's like moving to the city of Liverpool, to information on work experience and our recruitment process, you can find it all in this section.

Moving to Liverpool

Not from Liverpool and wondering what it's like to move here? Check out our Moving to Liverpool page here.


If you're interested in becoming a nurse at Alder Hey, you can find more information, including how to apply, here.

Clinical Work Placements

Alder Hey offers a range of Clinical Work Placements across many disciplines. For more information, go to our dedicated page here.

Work Experience

Click here to find more information about Work Experience opportunities at Alder Hey.

Our Recruitment Process

If you're interested in applying for a position at Alder Hey, it's important to know the process and what is expected of you. You can find all of the relevant information right here.

Current Vacancies

Ready to apply? Click the below button to check out our latest vacancies.

Current Vacancies

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Alder Hey Children's Charity