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View of Alder Hey Children's Hospital from the helipadThe Alder Hey team works in partnership with many other organisations including:

  • The University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

In 2015, Alder Hey in the Park was completed, the state of the at hospital premises has won 18 major design awards. This has enabled the organisation to expand international partnerships, including consultancy and professional advice to healthcare providers overseas.

Alder Hey is able to support you with healthcare developments by offering access to our expertise in education and training, infrastructure development, clinical services, health system development and research and innovation.

For more information about how Alder Hey can meet any of these needs, please contact

Education and training

Alder Hey has particular expertise in paediatric medical and nurse training and can offer a range of standard and bespoke packages including clinical and managerial observer attachments.
For more information on how Alder Hey can meet your education and training needs or to arrange a visit please contact

Infrastructure for Health

Alder Hey in the Park was completed in 2015, the state of the at hospital premises has won 18 major design awards including the Prime Minister's Award for Better Public Buildings and a National RIBA Award which was listed for the prestigious Stirling Prize.  

Alder Hey can provide support for the feasibility assessment, design and clinical modelling of safe, high quality paediatric facilities. Alder Hey Design and Review Team Services can provide a full design review service from table top review of plans right through to on-site building survey and final commissioning.

This service can be scalable according to the client and the brief, and could range from an entire hospital build to a small theatre or outpatient extension.Our team have experience in dealing with existing designs and floorplans to:

  • Provide inspiring new clinical spaces
  • Developments that integrate within the overall hospital plans
  • Workflows to enhance the patient and staff experience
  • Improve the quality of the patient journey

Clinical Services

Alder Hey can accept referrals to our specialist clinicians for treatment across a wide range of clinical specialties

Alder Hey clinical teams can support the development of international clinical pathways that enable patients to receive treatment in their home country with support from our clinicians.  This can be supported remotely by clinician to clinician peer support, remote consultations and multi-disciplinary patient reviews. We can also develop visiting doctor programmes to provide care on site alongside host clinicians.

Health Systems Development

Alder Hey can provide professional support in establishing the governance and clinical management processes for the delivery of complex health services to ensure clinical safety and quality requirements are implemented and maintained.

Research and Innovation

Alder Hey are keen to explore research and innovation collaborations that improve child health. At any time there are over 100 clinical research studies taking place, ranging from observational studies to complex, interventional clinical trials supported by the NIHR Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility.

Alder Hey has a number of academic partners including the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University and Edge Hill University. Alder Hey is a member of Liverpool Health Partners and has collaborations in the UK and internationally.

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