Therapeutic & Specialised Play Service

Therapeutic & Specialised Play Service

The Specialised Play Service provides therapeutic, psychological, diversional and developmental play for all children & young people, being inclusive of equality & diversity within the Alder Hey setting. We build relationships with children & young people which encourage compliance for procedures.

Our aim

To promote the value of therapeutic & specialised play that embodies the values of Alder Hey & support the health & wellbeing of the whole child.

The team work together to provide a robust, motivated & effective professional standard of care for patients and their families.The service is led by

Helen Pinder service manager & comprises a team of Senior Health Play specialists, Health Play Specialists & Play Assistants.

Watch the video - 'Survivor' - written by our Health Play Specialist, Anna, and patient, Naomi. Click the image below to watch the video:


Our Specialists

Specialist Play Service Manager

  • To lead & support a team of qualified & registered Health Play Specialists & Play Assistants within Alder Hey.
  • To promote the value and good practise of diagnostic, therapeutic, diversional & recreational play provided to patients & young people within Alder Hey.

Senior Health Play Specialist

  • To provide a holistic service for children & young people that includes assessment, preparation & desensitisation for invasive procedures, pre-operative & post-operative therapy by holding therapeutic clinic sessions.
  • To undertake Diversional therapy through play for painful, unpleasant & invasive procedures that takes place on the wards/depts.
  • To identify patient developmental assessment & structured play programmes specific to the patient’s needs.
  • To carry a case load of children/young people who are referred to the specialised play service for therapeutic input from the Health Play Specialist.
  • To promote the value and good practise of diagnostic, therapeutic, diversional & recreational play provided to all children & young people within Alder Hey.

Health Play Specialist

  • To Provide quality therapeutic play provision for the children/young people within Alder Hey.
  • To facilitate developmental & or structured play via programmes of care & intervention specific to the patient’s needs.
  • To facilitate preparation through play for children & young people for invasive & non-invasive procedures that take place on the wards/depts Within Alder Hey.
  • To provide distraction therapy for patients undergoing invasive procedures whilst in hospital as part of their care package. To facilitate psychology support & input with patients & their families.

Play Assistants

  • To create a warm, welcoming & safe child friendly environment within the Alder Hey setting.
  • To facilitate developmental & structured play to meet the patients specific needs.
  • To provide recreational play to alleviate the effects of hospitalisation.
  • To work in collaboration with the Health play specialists to deliver & promote quality individualised play provision.

Alder Hey Children's Charity
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