Ward 1C

Ward 1C

Who will you meet?

Here are the people you are likely to meet when visiting Ward 1C.

Ward manager: Tracy Wilson

Matron: Jo McBride

Play Specialists:

  • Lorna O'Brien
  • Ashlee Green

About Ward 1C

Ward 1C is the Cardiac Unit. It has 23 beds and is the dedicated ward for children with cardiac conditions. Our patients range in age from birth to 18 years, each with their own specific needs and challenges.

We have colour coded zones in Ward 1C - yellow, blue, green and orange

 - The Yellow zone on the ward is a separate neonatal unit.

 - The Blue and green zones are single, side rooms with en suite facilities.

 - The Orange zone is made up of two 4-bedded bays.

Ward specialty information:

Congenital heart disease is a general term for a range of birth defects that affect the normal way the heart works. The word ‘congenital’ means that the heart condition is present from birth. Congenital heart disease is one of the most common types of birth defect, it affects up to 8 in every 1,000 babies born in the UK.

What facilities are there in ward 1C?

A play room is situated at the far end of the ward in the yellow zone. Siblings are also welcome to use it between 09.00am and 7.00pm providing they are supervised by an adult. Crafts and games are provided for the patients during the week by our Play Specialists and Play Assistants. Our Play Specialists can also help your child prepare and distract from any invasive procedures they may be about to undergo.

Ace Club, which offers a wide range of activities such as arts and crafts, board games, fancy dress and more is held every Saturday from 10.00am to 12 noon. The group is held in the canteen space of the atrium.

We have a small kitchen with a fridge and facilities to make hot drinks available for Parent/Carers next to the play room in the yellow zone. Hot drinks bought onto the ward must have a lid on. Facilities are available for one Parent/Carer to sleep at your child’s bedside, if you wish to do so speak to someone on the ward to make arrangements for this.

Meal times

Meal times are between 11:30am – 5:30pm.

We have a chef on the ward ready to cater to our patients.

When can I visit?

Parent/Carers are welcome to visit their child at any time. Only parent or carers are permitted in the Hospital after 8.00pm.

Visitor times are between 1pm – 7pm for inpatients.

Siblings under 16 years old must be accompanied by a Parent/Carer at all times. A maximum of 4 visitors are permitted at the bedside at any one time (not including brothers and sisters).

All visitors must press the entrance buzzer to gain access to the Ward 1C. For health and safety to all our patients DO NOT allow any other individual to follow you onto the ward.

Infection prevention

Please ensure you use our sanitising gel on your hands before entering the ward or day care and before you leave to prevent germs being spread. There are bed side folders on every bed which contain information on ways you can stop infections being spread, available beside each bed space.

pdf-logo.png Ward 1C Information Booklet
pdf-logo.png Neonatal Ward Information Booklet
pdf-logo.png Your Baby's Skin Care

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