Medications for ADHD

Medications for ADHD

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Contrary to popular belief, medications for ADHD are NOT for ‘bad behaviour’. The primary aim of the medications is to improve your child’s attention to school work and to reduce hyperactive and impulsive behaviour.  The most common medication used is methylphenidate. This comes in different forms that last for different amounts of time during the day. 

If you decide to try ADHD medications, please state this at the ADHD Workshop. Then you will be booked into the next available ‘Medication Initiation Clinic’.
Please see the links for the medications we use:

For help and advice of helping your child to swallow tablets or capsules, please click here.

Please be aware of the following regarding these medications:

  • Do not change the prescribed dose under any circumstances. If you think your child needs a different dosage, please contact your clinician.
  • Do not lend or borrow these medications as they are controlled drugs and it is a criminal offence.
  • If there are serious side effects, please contact us immediately via the contact details here.
  • The medications are only licensed above the age of six. 
  • They are all controlled medications (class 2). Therefore it is important to be assessed before starting and to have regular monitoring.

Some medicines can interact with one another. If your child is prescribed new medication or you purchase over-the-counter medication for other conditions, please ensure you mention your child’s use of ADHD medication to the pharmacist/GP.

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