Transition Process

Transition Process

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If the young person is not receiving medication at the age of 16, they will be discharged. Support can still be obtained from the ADHD Foundation etc. If medication is considered an option in the future, your GP will be able to refer to the Adult Service.

For those on ADHD medication at the age of 16, the necessity of the continuation of this for the young person will be reviewed in consultation with the young person. If the decision is to continue with medications, we will transition the management of the young person’s ADHD to the Adult ADHD Service. The Adult ADHD Service only accepts those young people who require the continuation of medication; they do not accept unmedicated cases.

Once the young person has been offered an appointment with the Adult Service, whether the appointment is attended or not, we will discharge from the Alder Hey Service. Any further repeat prescriptions or queries should be directed to the Adult Service.

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