Contact the Diabetes Team

Contact the Diabetes Team

In an emergency -  for diabetes patients only

In an emergency you can contact our team during the day or night – call these numbers for advice about managing diabetes when you are worried about illness, high blood glucose levels with ketones, hypoglycaemia, if you are unable to give/deliver insulin or measure blood glucose levels.

•    Daytime (8am – 6pm) – 0151 252 5766
•    Out of hours – 0151 228 4811. Ask for the diabetes out of hours on call service

You will be put through to the on-call member of the diabetes team. You may have to leave a message (we may be on another call or with a patient) but we will call you back within an hour.

The out of hours emergency number is for outpatient use only. If the query is about an inpatient it should be directed to the diabetes on call consultant via switchboard.

Contacting us when it’s not an emergency

Healthcare professionals wishing to refer a patient should visit the 'How to refer a Patient' section at the bottom of this page.

Diabetes Administrators

•    Ann Mason (Pathway Co-ordinator) 0151 282 4518
•    Camilla Spengler (Diabetes Senior Administrator) 0151 252 5157

Diabetes Nurses

•    Sue Kerr             0151 252 5738
•    Keith Thornborough     0151 282 4747
•    Noala Bradshaw         0151 252 5381
•    Kath Millar             0151 252 5249
•    Anna Bradley        0151 252 5853

Diabetes Dietitians

•    Emma Pointon        0151 252 5373
•    Joanne Elliott        0151 293 3234

Diabetes Consultants

•    Dr Paul, Dr Ghatak and Dr Mehta (via Pathway Coordinator) 0151 282 4518

Clinical Psychology

•    Dr Anna Simmons and Dr Lyndsey Carlson 0151 252 5586

Making / Changing your appointment

    0151 252 5358

You can send pump / meter downloads or ask the team any questions by emailing 
We always try to reply to your email within three working days.

How to Refer a Patient

Suspected newly diagnosed diabetes

If you have seen a child that you suspect has diabetes, they should be referred immediately to the On-call Paediatric team at Alder Hey (0151 228 4811 – Medical registrar).

Children who have signs of new onset diabetes may deteriorate quickly – a ‘same day’ referral is essential.

How to refer a child with existing diabetes

Children and young people with diabetes can be referred to the Alder Hey diabetes team, by letter or email.

We are happy to discuss any referrals.

Routine referrals should be sent to the diabetes pathway coordinator:

Ann Mason

Diabetes Pathway Co-ordinator

Office 2C

Alder Hey Children's Hospital

East Prescot Road


AB14 5AB


Fax: 0151 252 5928

Phone: 0151 282 4518

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