Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Anna Bradley

My Role: Associate Diabetes Nurse Specialist

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role involves providing education and support for children and young people with diabetes and their families. My area of interest is diabetes education.

I am regularly in awe of the children, young people and families that I work with and how they manage day to day life with their diabetes. I really enjoy being able to support them and get a great sense of satisfaction in helping people overcome some of the challenges of living with diabetes. This can range from giving advice when a child is unwell to supporting a school to plan ahead for a residential trip and everything in between. It’s great to help build up people’s confidence in believing that they really can take charge of their diabetes.

Contact: 0151 252 5853

Noala Bradshaw

Noala Bradshaw.jpgMy Role: Associate Diabetes Nurse Specialist

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role is to deliver education and training to patients, families, carers and schools in all areas of daily diabetes management. I also contribute to the 24 hour emergency helpline and make regular contact with families between clinic appointments to provide advice and support.

My area of interest is delivering the ‘Goals of Diabetes Education‘ programme to our families at clinic appointments to continue their education and reinforce the essentials of diabetes management. I enjoy educating Newly Diagnosed patients and their families and watching them develop their knowledge and skills to manage their Diabetes on a daily basis. I find it very rewarding to see the progress children and young people have made at their first clinic after diagnosis.

Contact: 0151 252 5381

Dr Lyndsey Carlson

Lyndsey Carlson.jpgMy Role: Clinical Psychologist

What do I enjoy about my job?

I am particularly interested in helping young people and their families learn to adjust to, and manage with a chronic health condition.  I am involved in facilitating our Tree of Life groups – an arts based, confidence building and problem solving day for young people.

What I enjoy most about this role is the opportunity to be creative and innovative when working with children and young people and learning from their experience. I am also keen to involve our young people in service development and research projects to ensure that we keep them central to any service improvements.

Contact: 0151 252 5586

Mark Deakin

Mark Deakin.jpgMy Role: Consultant in Diabetes and General Paediatrics

What do I enjoy about my job?

I enjoy working with new diabetes technology, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring and information technology in healthcare to improve diabetes knowledge and care.

My main area of interest includes medical data and its role in driving service development and improving patient care, this includes my role as governance lead for the service. I have recently helped redesign the Alder Hey diabetes website to make it more engaging and informative. I enjoy working with children who have diabetes, whether they are local to Liverpool or visiting Alder Hey as their regional hospital for other medical or surgical problems.

Contact: 0151 282 4518

Joanne Elliott

Joanne Elliott.JPG

My Role: Specialist Paediatric Dietitian

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role includes supporting children and families with understanding the relationship between food and diabetes. I enjoy providing individualised nutritional advice and encouraging positive health-behaviour changes. My aim is to improve blood glucose control but also encourage a positive life-long relationship with food. I particularly enjoy working closely with the other members of the diabetes team at Alder Hey. 

Contact: 0151 282 4518


Atrayee Ghatak

Atrayee Ghatak.JPG


My Role: Diabetes Lead Clinician

Contact: 0151 282 4518




Sue Kerr

My Role: Diabetes Nurse Specialist

What do I enjoy about my job?

I started working in Alder Hey in 1978. I have been caring and supporting children who have Diabetes and their families since 1984.  I have an interest in all forms of Diabetes.I love to meet old patients who have been under the care of the Diabetes Team at Alder Hey and hear what they are doing now. Some are nursing at Alder Hey or in Management, Teachers at University or now have their own families and children.

Just recently I was delighted to hear one of our patients was starting his career in the police force. Until recently this was one of the few careers that was not possible to undertake with diabetes. I feel very privileged in my role as Diabetes Nurse Specialist to be able to see our young patients grow and develop into young adults managing their Diabetes for themselves.

Contact: 0151 252 5738

Ann Mason

My Role: Diabetes Pathway Coordinator, 

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role is to support the Diabetes Consultants and Nursing Team, amongst a variety of other work. I provide a professional service to all patients and their parents, whilst supporting them throughout their pathway of care. I provide a comprehensive administrative service to the diabetes team and like to keep on top of my work load. This includes setting up clinics, ordering insulin pumps for patients, and dealing with daily calls from parents or other professionals

As a people person, I find it rewarding speaking to parents/patients and assisting them in any way I can so as to improve their experience. I enjoy all aspects of my role working within a lovely caring team of professionals. I am the main point of contact for any queries relating to your child’s diabetes care and I am available from 8am – 4pm daily.

Contact: 0151 282 4518

Claire McNamara

My Role: Speciality Doctor in General Paediatrics and Diabetes

What do I enjoy about my job?

I help look after patients from their first attendance to A&E through to outpatient clinic care so every day is different. It is great to work in a supportive multi-disciplinary team where we all work together with families to provide the best possible care.

My particular area of interest is the care of children and young people with diabetes during surgery and pathway development.

Contact: 0151 282 4518


Fulya Mehta

My Role: Consultant in Diabetes and General Paediatrics

What do I enjoy about my job?

I have a particular interest in engaging children, young people and families in service development, the care of young adults with diabetes and transition. Throughout my career I have had an interest in education, both for the professional development of our team and building structured education packages for those we care for.

I really enjoy getting to know the fantastic young people that we look after. Their stories of achieving their goals, whilst navigating the daily challenges of living with diabetes, always amaze and inspire me. It is incredibly rewarding to see the positive impact our care and support has on our children, young people and their families.

Contact: 0151 282 4518

Kath Millar

Kath Millar.jpgMy Role: Associate Diabetes Nurse Specialist

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role is to support, guide and educate patients and their families with diabetes from diagnosis through to transition. I also provide support and education to schools and other organisations regarding caring for a child with diabetes in their care.

I participate in the 24hr emergency advice line, which provides advice and guidance to patients for emergency management of their diabetes. I enjoy delivering up to date, evidence based, patient centred care to families which is supported by having links with JDRF and Diabetes UK.

A rewarding part of my role is when I am able to support families, observe their confidence and knowledge progress as they become experts in their own diabetes management (passing on helpful hints and tips for us to share with other families!)

Contact: 0151 252 5249

Emma Pointon

My Role: Senior Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian

What do I enjoy about my job?

My role is to ensure all of our children and young people with diabetes are meeting their nutritional requirements to achieve adequate growth and development. I encourage healthy eating to help achieve a healthy lifestyle and optimal glycaemic control. I provide support to children and young people in order to develop a life-long, healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. It is rewarding to help with the discovery of new foods and meals. 

I enjoy having the opportunity to teach our children, young people and their families about carbohydrate counting, as often families are relieved to have a more flexible approach to mealtimes and insulin dosing to fit in with their home routines. I get great satisfaction from my job when I can help children and young people with diabetes discover how to fit their diabetes cares into their daily lives more easily. I also offer support with managing diabetes around exercise and special occasions

Contact: 0151 252 5373

Princy Paul

Princy Paul.jpgMy Role: Service Group Lead for General Paediatrics

Contact: 0151 282 4518





Anna Simmons

Anna Simmons.jpgMy Role: Clinical Psychologist

What do I enjoy about my job? 

I enjoy the constant challenge of working in diabetes, there’s always something new to learn! I like introducing new ideas to patients and staff that can improve people’s quality of life and engagement with diabetes.

I am particularly interested in helping those young people and families who are struggling with their diabetes. Our High HbA1c clinic aims to engage families in a different way and tailor our help to their specific needs.  The Tree of Life group gives young people the opportunity to connect with others who are living with chronic health conditions and enables them to explore their skills, strengths and ambitions in a creative way. We also hold a parent group which offers specialised support and ideas for helping parents who have a child with a chronic health condition deal with some of the emotions and behaviours they may encounter.  

Contact: 0151 252 5586

Camilla Spengler 

My Role: Senior Administrator

What do I enjoy about my job?

I provide administrative support for the diabetes team including taking minutes in meetings, co-ordinating patient information mail drops, meetings & the Alder Hey National Paediatric Diabetes Audit data return.

I find organising the Diabetes Team meetings very rewarding, as it ensures the smooth running of the service.

My job means that I need to be very organised and I find a “to do” list is extremely helpful – not to mention satisfying when things get ticked off!

I love working in a hospital environment – it’s like having a huge family! I enjoy making certificates for patients when they have been very brave and helping parents and patients on the phone with any problems that arise.

Contact: 0151 252 5157

Keith Thornborough

Keith Thornborough.jpgMy Role: Diabetes Nurse Practitioner

What do I enjoy about my job?

I very much enjoy working in partnership with my patients and families, helping them to integrate diabetes into their daily life; achieving good diabetes control and allowing them to get what they want out of their life, now and in the future.

My areas of interest are patient and parent education with an emphasis on achieving best possible diabetes management and HbA1c levels. I have a long standing interest in diabetes research, having been involved in the SCIPI trial and currently in the CLOuD project – both of which aim to see if insulin pump therapy provides benefits for children who are newly diagnosed.

Contact: 0151 282 4747

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