National Practical Course in Paediatric Otolaryngology

National Practical Course in Paediatric Otolaryngology

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Otolaryngology Department Presents

National Practical Course in Paediatric Otolaryngology

The course is a whole day of hands-on, interactive, practical paediatric ENT procedures with NO didactic lectures. The PAEDIATRIC procedures include –Bronchoscopy (Rigid and Flexible), Airway foreign body removal, BAHA, Coblation, Balloon Sinuplasty and Tuboplasty, Sialendoscopy, Tracheostomy, Botox injection to salivary glands, VHIT and many more. It will be suitable for all level of ENT trainees and hospital doctors. Animal models will be used.

The expert faculty is drawn from leading children’s hospitals in the UK and Ireland

Local Faculty:  Mr Sharma (R), Ms De, Mr Donne, Mr Clarke, Mr Street, Mr Sharma (S),Mr Krishnan, Mr Nixon, Dr Dasgupta, Dr Ratnayake, Dr Murphy, Dr Craig

Outside Faculty: Prof Rowley (Dublin), Miss Elloy (Leicester), Miss Cochrane & Mr Hore (London), Mr Anthony & Mr Flook (N Wales), Ms Theil & Mr Sharma (Edinburgh), Miss Nichani, Miss Khwaja, Mr Agarwal & Miss Sadadcharmam (Manchester), Mrs McDermott (Birmingham); Mr Knight & Miss O’Donnell (Leeds), Mr Siou (Newcastle), Miss Quale (Bradford), Miss Dritsoula (Sheffield), Miss Sproson (Portsmouth), Miss Achar (Nottingham), Mr Wynne and Miss Kunanadan(Glasgow)

To book a place on this course, please follow the link below

£110 for the 1 day interactive course (including booking fee)

Early booking is recommended


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