Referral Criteria

Referral Criteria

The paediatric ENT department at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is a tertiary service and accepts referrals from secondary centres for complex paediatric ENT issues. Local GP referrals are also accepted.

The conditions below represent the majority of our accepted referrals:

1. Congenital and Acquired Laryngeal / Tracheal anomalies

   -   For assessment and surgical intervention

2. Congenital Head and Neck Anomalies 

   -   Branchial arch malformations

   -   Thyroglossal duct cysts

   -   Nasal dermoids

3. Acquired Head and Neck Anomalies

   -   Lymph node pathology

   -   Chronic neck infections (including atypical mycobacteria)

4. Lymphatic / Vascular Anomalies Head and Neck

   -   Lymphatic malformations

   -   Juvenile angiofibromas

5. Head and Neck Tumours
6. Salivary Gland Pathology

   -   Drooling requiring surgical intervention

   -   Recurrent parotitis, including sialendoscopy

7. Choanal Atresia – unilateral and bilateral
8. Osseo-Integrated Techniques (Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids and Prostheses for Congenital Ear Atresia)
9. Tympanomastoid Surgery including Totally Endoscopic Ear Surgery
10. Cochlear Implantation and Middle Ear Implants
11. Anterior and Lateral Skull Base Surgery
12. Paediatric Rhinology

   -   Functional endoscopic sinus surgery

   -   Limited septoplasty

13. Tonsillar, Adenoidal and Grommet Surgery  

You can find details of how to contact the ENT team here.

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