Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Research is encouraged in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department and well supported by all the consultants.

The Ear, Nose and Throat department's two clinical fellows and specialist registrars are involved in major research projects and have specific time allocated in their timetables for research priorities.


The progress of all projects is reviewed at the ENT departmental research and development meeting held every month.

Current research projects cover the spectrum of paediatric otolaryngology, including management of drooling and salivary disorders, endoscopic ear surgery, chronic ear disease, hearing rehabilitation options (both surgical and non-surgical), respiratory papillomatosis, exercise induced laryngeal obstruction, chronic rhinosinusitis, management of tracheomalacia,

There are multiple ongoing joint projects with other departments in the hospital including Speech and Language Therapy (voice clinic outcomes), the Cleft Palate Unit, the Craniofacial Unit (use of nasopharyngeal airway in craniosynostosis), the Anaesthetic department (anaesthetic management of paediatric patients undergoing airway endoscopy), as well as projects with other paediatric ENT units around the world (including looking at management of children with recurrent acute otitis media).

The department continues to make contributions to the literature and is well represented at national and international meetings (BAPO, ASPO, Dialogues in Paediatric ENT, RSM, ESPO, SENTAC conferences). 


The consultants and fellows have also written chapters for recently published textbooks in paediatric otolaryngology including Scott-Brown’s Otolaryngology.

In the last year the department has published numerous papers in the peer reviewed literature. A list of all journal publications for the last 3 years may be found on the “Recent Publications” web page.

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