Surgical Admissions Lounge

Surgical Admissions Lounge

Surgical Admission Lounge

Going to Theatre

Information for parents, and carers

When a patient needs to go to theatre for surgery or a procedure they are put on a theatre list. The time stated on the letter is not the time your child will go to theatre but the time you are expected into the hospital. If you have received a letter asking you to attend in the morning your child will be listed to go to theatre that morning. If you have received a letter asking you to attend at or after 11:30 your child will be listed to go to theatre that afternoon.

At Alder Hey we have several operating theatres and there are many theatre lists running at the same time. Exact times for when a child will go to theatre cannot be given as every child will need to be assessed on the day of their operation. You may have to wait for some time but, whenever possible, the nursing staff will do their best to update you.

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When you arrive

Your child will be booked in by the Ward Clerk and their details will be confirmed. You and your child will then go to the Surgical Admission Lounge. This is where you will be while waiting to go to theatre.

Who you see on the day of the operation

  1. Your child will be seen by a healthcare assistant who weigh your child, and check that they are fit for their operation. To prepare for the operation the Healthcare Assistant will apply a numbing cream, usually this will be on the back your child’s hand.
  2. A nurse will check your child’s details and history with you and explain the day to you again.
  3. An anaesthetist and a surgeon will come to make sure you understand the planned surgery and get written consent from you. The anaesthetist may prescribe pain relief before your child goes to theatre and will also explain pain relief options to you.
  4. If pain relief is required before the operation the nurse will give your child this when it is needed. Not all children need pain relief before their operation and this would have been explained to you when speaking with the anaesthetist.
  5. You can then get your child changed into their nightwear or hospital gown so they are ready for when they are called for surgery. The nurses will let you know which one will be more appropriate for your child’s surgery.

What will happen once your child has gone to theatre?

When your child has gone to theatre a nurse will take you to the ward your child will be going to after they have had their operation. While you are waiting you are able to leave the ward for refreshments. The nurses cannot give you an exact time frame your child will be in theatre and recovery for however they will be able to give you an estimated time.

If you need further information or have any queries please contact the Surgical Admission Lounge on: 0151 252 5414

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