Congenital Heart Surgery

Congenital Heart Surgery

Congenital Heart Surgery at Alder Hey

The Heart Centre is recognised as one of the leaders in the speciality with one of the largest neonatal surgical practice in Europe.

At present about 450 surgical procedures are performed each year with 250-300 of them requiring cardiopulmonary bypass with a success rate above the national average.

The unit is one of the largest for neonatal cardiac surgery in the UK treating the full spectrum of complex congenital heart disease including providing the Norwood procedure as part of the treatment program for hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

The Heart Centre at Alder Hey is the major referral centre for children with all forms of heart disease from the North West Region including Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, North and Mid Wales and the Isle of Man with a catchment area of about 7 million people.


Figure 2 on page 4 shows the 30-day risk adjusted survival rates at centre level using whole program aggregated data, with risk adjustment using PRAiS2 methodology and software.

NCHDA Report


The dot represents the actual performance of a unit. The shaded bars represent the alarm and alert limits (99.5% and 97.5% respectively) control limits. The performance of units falling in or above the white area, indicates survival is the same, or above, that predicted by the PRAiS2 risk adjustment model.

The chart shows in the three years 2014-2017, there were 1075 cardiac operations performed in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (ACH) unit. Based on the confidence limits selected by the National Congenital Heart Audit (NCHDA), our actual risk- adjusted survival rates for paediatric cardiac surgery are defined “Survival higher than predicted”.

Patient Stories

You can read an article from the Mirror on Theo's story by clicking here.

Alder Hey Heart Centre on TV

In February 2019, Alder Hey was featured in BBC's hit documentary series Hospital. In episode 4 of the series, our Heart Centre was featured prominently.

The episode followed the stories of three Alder Hey Heart Centre patients; Casey-Jack, Aima and Edith and featured all three of our consultant cardiac surgeons; Rafael Guerrero, Ram Dhannapuneni and Attilio Lotto.

You can see a short clip from the episode in the embedded tweet.


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