Congenital Pectus and Chest Wall Service

Congenital Pectus and Chest Wall Service

Alder Hey provides a pectus and chest wall service led by Mr Dhannapuneni, which has seen a significant growth in the recent years to be one of the biggest chest wall services in the country with over 250 outpatient visits and 50 surgical corrections per year.

Alder Hey offers the minimally invasive Nuss, modified Ravitch and Hybrid operations for complex chest malformations.

Below you can find details of the amounts of pectus operations performed since 2011/12.

Year Nuss Modified Ravitch Hybrid
2011/12 21 19 2
2012/13 16 7 2
2013/14 12 18 2
2014/15 16 24 1
2015/16 16 19 4
2016/17 9 9 1
2017/18 24 16 2
2018/19 20 17 1

Information leaflets

Below, you can find useful information leaflets providing you with further information about the different types of pectus surgery, what they involve, what to bring and tips on post surgery care.

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