Meet the Heart Centre Team

Meet the Heart Centre Team

Cardiology Team

Dr Caroline Jones
Clinical Lead & Consultant Fetal & Paediatric Cardiologist
Dr Michael Bowes 
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, specialising in Electrophysiology 






Dr Gordon Gladman
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist & Network Clincal Director


Dr Salim Jivanji
Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist


Dr Rob Johnson.jpg

Dr Rob Johnson
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist


SLKphoto (002).png

Dr Sok Leng Kang
Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist



Dr Joyce Lim
Consultant Fetal & Paediatric Cardiologist



Dr Arul Narayanan
Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist


ian peart.jpg

Dr Ian Peart
Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist- specialising in ACHD & Management of Pregnancy in women with Heart Disease



Dr Ram Ramraj
Consultant Fetal & Paediatric Cardiologist








Dr Phuoc Duong
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist


Arjamand Shauq.jpg

Dr Arjamand Shauq
Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist



Heart Surgery Team


Mr Rafael Guerrero -Clinical Director of The Heart Centre & Director of Innovation

Mr Guerrero is our Chief Cardiac Surgeon and works with leading technology companies to develop new procedures in digital health care for patients.

"There is an explosion of technology that we need to apply to medicine to secure the future of health care - identifying problems sooner, performing complex operations with greater ease and improving outcomes for patients."

You can find more information about Innovation at Alder Hey here.


Mr Ram Dhannapuneni - Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon

Mr Dhannapuneni is a leading cardiac surgeon here at Alder Hey, but he also takes his skills and expertise to some of the poorest countries in the world, where access to top class medical care is limited.

"To give these children a chance to live is the most incredible thing a person with medical skills can do."

Atillio Lotto

Mr Attilio Lotto -  Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon - Professor of Congenital Cardiac Surgery at LJMU

Mr Lotto not only performs life-saving heart surgery at Alder Hey, he also teaches the next generation of doctors in his role as a Professor of Congenital Cardiac Surgery at Liverpool John Moores University and as Course Director for Congenital Cardiac Surgery at the Royal College of Surgery.

"It is important for students to receive practical training sessions, as I believe you remember what you see in real life."


Marlene Riley - Surgical Care Practitioner


Andy McColl.jpg

Andrew McColl
Associate Chief Operating Officer- Surgical Division


Sarah Bowman.jpg

Sarah Bowman
Service Manager- Cardiac & Critical Care


Dan Short 
Operational Support Manager – Cardiac & Critical Care

Cardiac Nurse Specialists

helen photo.jpg
Helen Walker
Team Lead Cardiac Nurse Specialist


michelle photo.jpg

Michelle McLaren
Cardiac Nurse Specialist


gill photo.jpg

Gill McBurney
Cardiac Nurse Specialist (Fetal)


amanda photo.jpg

Amanda Haworth
Cardiac Nurse Specialist (Transition)


pat photo.jpg

Patricia Coyle
Cardiac Nurse Specialist


marie photo.jpg

Marie Murphy
Cardiac Nurse Specialist (Fetal)



Pamela Grimward
Cardiac Nurse Specialist


KAtie 2.JPG

Katie Darnell
Cardiac Nurse Specialist

Pathway Coordinators

Tracy Oakes
Emma Burns
Cathy O'Gorman
Rosie Harnwell
Elaine Heron
Ruth Hughes
Angela McComb
Marie Parkes

Ward 1C


Tracy Wilson-Ward Manager
Christine Jarvis- Practice Educator
Kellie Taylor- Practice Educator
Denise Moran- Advanced Nurse Practioner
Kerry Watson -Advanced Nurse Practioner
Lorna O'Brien- Play Specialist
Ashlee Green- Play Assistant
Katherine Parr- Ward Clerk
Hazel Pembleton - Clerk
David Matthews- Ward Chef


Clinical Audit Team


Jemma Blake
Cardiac & Clinical Information Data Manager (Manager of Heart Centre Twitter @HeartCentreAld1)
Jean Beamer -Cardiac Auditor


Jennifer Haynes -Cardiac Auditor

Cardiac Physiology/ECG department

Dave Williams-Department Manager & Lead Cardiac Physiologist




Sharon Clark- Senior Chief Cardiac Physiologist


Paul Sweeney- Chief Cardiac Physiologist


Kevin Jones- Chief Cardiac Physiologist



Ann Marie Mc Neill -Senior Cardiac Physiologist



Chris Price- Senior Cardiac Physiologist



Dave Buckley- Chief Cardiac Physiologist



Dave White- Chief Cardiac Physiologist



Lyndsey Marsden- Chief Cardiac Physiologist



Sam Lunt- Assistant Technical Officer
Caroline Hall- Assistant Technical Officer
Gill Davies- Receptionist

Cardiac Perfusionists

Paul Daly- Chief Perfusionist
Graham Sabino- Senior Perfusionist
James Faulkner- Senior Perfusionist
Laura Simpson- Senior Perfusionist
Chellappan Subramanian-Senior Perfusionist
Thomas Dale -Senior Perfusionist

paul daley.JPG


Cardiac Theatres

Louise Galvin- Clinical Lead
Luigi Cirello- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Pauline Gorman- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Jenna Ingman- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Paola Mollese- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Melissa Morris- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Leny Varkey- Advanced Scrub Practitioner
Kelly Meila- Scrub Practitioner
Lydia Jolley- Scrub Practitioner
Laura Owens- Scrub Practitioner
Andrea Marcano Rodriguez- Scrub Practitioner
Carol Peers- Scrub Practitioner
Tony Afflick- Theatre Care Assistant
Brenda Brown- Theatre Care Assistant
Emily Farley- Theatre Care Assistant
Kerry McMahon- Theatre Care Assistant
Jess Roberts- Theatre Care Assistant
Sam Waters- Theatre Care Assistant

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