Ward 1C

Ward 1C

Ward 1C Cardiac Unit is the dedicated inpatient ward for children with cardiac conditions. This is located on the first floor alongside the Neonatal Surgical Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Operating Rooms.  The ward is designed to maximize the patient's experience, catering for all age range from birth to  adolescence.

About Ward 1C Cardiac Unit

Our Unit has 23 beds including 8 designated high dependency cubicles. It is divided into 3 coloured zones; Orange, Green and Blue. The yellow zone on the ward is a separate Neonatal unit.

Rooms in the Green and Blue zones are single rooms with en-suite facilities. The Orange zone is made up of two 4-bedded bays each with shared bathroom facilities and folding beds for Parents/Carers.

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Patients may be moved from one zone to another during their stay.

Our staff are here to help answer any questions you may have. We will do our best to show you and your child around the ward soon after you arrive. A member of staff will explain how to use the call bell by the bedside, and in the bathrooms and toilets, if you or your child needs assistance.

Parent/Carer Accommodation

Facilities are available for one Parent/Carer to sleep at your child’s bedside, if you wish to do so.

Rooms are available at Ronald McDonald House for families who are not local to the hospital and whose expected stay is more than 2 nights. This is a charity independent of Alder Hey. Nursing staff are happy to request rooms for families but the decision to allocate rooms remains solely with the staff at Ronald McDonald House. If you wish to request a room in Ronald McDonald House, you should advise staff when your child is admitted.


Parents/Carers and Visitors can enter the ward by using the intercom and stating the name of the child they are visiting. Please be patient as staff are often busy and are not always able to admit visitors immediately.

We welcome and encourage your family and close friends to visit your child during their hospital stay. Parents/Carers and siblings can visit at any time. Other visitors can visit between 2.00pm to 7.00pm. Children (0–16yrs) who are not siblings, who wish to visit, should get the permission of the Nurse-in-Charge before they arrive. All child visitors must be accompanied by a Parent/Carer and a maximum of three people are allowed around a bed at any one time.

Play Room and Play Specialist

A play room is situated at the far end of the ward (Yellow zone). Siblings are welcome to use it between 09.00am and 7.00pm providing they are supervised by an adult.

Crafts and games are provided for the patients during the week by our Play Specialists and Play Assistants. They can also offer your child preparation and distraction for an invasive procedure. The Play Specialist will facilitate preparation sessions using therapeutic play for any child/young person with anxieties or fears surrounding their hospital admission.

To avoid the spreading of infection, patients and visitors who have tested positive for a virus/infection are not to visit the play room. The Play Specialist will organise play activities on the play decks. Children should not be left unsupervised on the play decks.

More Information

For further information about Ward 1C, download and read through our information pack here.

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