Learning Disability and ASC Acute Liaison Team

Learning Disability and ASC Acute Liaison Team

The Alder Hey Acute Liaison team promotes best practice for children and young people with a Learning Disability (LD) and/ or Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) in meeting health care needs across the acute trust.

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How can the Acute Learning Disability and Autistic Spectrum Condition Liaison Team support children, young people, families, carers and staff?

The team are able to support best practice through:-

  • Consultation- advice on how to make care accessible for patients  image-20210527112433-3.png
  • Identification of patients with a learning disability and/ or ASC
  • Application of a special indicator –highlighting to staff the child’s diagnosis and any additional information that may support their care (Meditech) image-20210527112459-4.png
  • The provision of reasonable adjustments  image-20210527112531-5.png
  • Individualised communication tools i.e. social stories/visual aids/ now and next boards etc.image-20210527112548-6.png
  • Bespoke care pathways in discussion with clinical areas
  • Liaison between home/ school and hospital  image-20210527112631-7.png
  • Training for staff, students and volunteers  image-20210527112645-8.png
  • Access to appropriate documentation of care eg. Learning disability specific risk assessment, reasonable adjustments, health passports, communication profiles, social stories

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Meet the team

image-20210527112759-10.png Joann Kiernan - Consultant Learning Disability Nurse

Likes:  Cake, exercise and reading

Dislikes: shouting, busy places and rudeness.

image-20210527112856-11.png Laura Weatherall - Acute Liaison Learning Disability Nurse and Team Lead

Likes: People who are kind, sweets and baking!

Dislikes: People who are loud and exercise!

image-20210527112944-12.png Mihaela (Miha) Avram - Acute Liaison Learning Disability Nurse

Likes: Cycling, Dancing, Healthy eating, Foraging

Dislikes: Waste, people who are unkind and inpatient.

image-20210527113043-13.png Jan Bradbury - Acute Liaison Play Specialist



image-20210527113142-14.png Sarah Melling - Administrator




Contact details for the team


Phone: 0151 228 4811/EXT 3322/4221       

Mobile: 07976797068, 07796611690, 07814299017

Email: Laura.Weatherall@alderhey.nhs.uk , Mihaela.Avram@alderhey.nhs.uk, Emily.Kavanagh@alderhey.nhs.uk, Jan.Bradbury@alderhey.nhs.uk, AcuteLiasonTeam@alderhey.nhs.uk

Twitter: @LDASCAlderHey

Our team currently works Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

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